7 Steps to Completing What You Start

mmpermission2win book coverIf you are like I was about 5 years ago and still a a work in progress, you start hundreds of projects and never finish any of them. You become frustrated and just hopeless!  I remember when I said I was going to write 3 books and could hardly start writing one to only find myself 5 years later actually completing it and publishing it! Alhamdulilah(All Praise is Due to Allah) This was such a relief after having picked up the manuscript over a thousand times only to put it down just as many times. Does this sound like you? You don’t have to continue feeling overwhelmed because there are proven ways to help you out of this frustrating cycle. Allow me to share what helped me to transition into starting and finishing whatever project or task I have on my plate. Here are 7 steps to completing what you start.

Hold on because the first thing you should know is that the trick to finishing what you start is actually about how you start as opposed to the fact that you have kids demanding your attention and a ton of mom and wife duties plus everything else in between! I know you are saying “what in the world”? But yes it really is all min how you start.  Now let me proceed with the 7 steps!

  1. Make the decision to actually finish before you even get started! Make a dua(short supplication) to Allah(God) asking Him to keep you guided and on track! (Ex: In 2014 after divorce from my husband of 15 years I finally made the comittment to Just Do It! I asked Allah to keep me on track and to never allow me to give up!)
  2. Create an actionable plan. A plan without action is a plan to fail or better yet just a party in your own head! Don’t waste all that time brainstorming and creating ways to reach your goal just to do nothing. It’s a great dis service to your self and to those whom you could be serving with your finished product!(Ex: I hired a writing coach since this was part of the plan.  She helped me put together a writing plan and gave tremendous support to me in my times of hopelessness. You can find her on Facebook at Subhanah Wahhaj. She is the author of  the phenomenal book “How I Found Myself in Egypt”, the CEO of a self publishing company called “The Write Patch”, and the daughter of Imam, Siraj Wahhaj of Masjid At Taqwa in Brooklyn, New York)
  3. Identify and Avoid distractions. You simply have to know that as a Boss Mom you will face many distractions but the key to avoiding them is to identify what they are , plan how you will manage it, and schedule a specific time when you can work on your task or project. You almost always have to be flexible but make sure that you discuss your schedule with your children if they are old enough to understand so that they can at least accept your turn-downs to their requests temporarily with some ease.  For mommies with little ones I suggest you take 15 minute blocks of time and do as much as you can until the timer runs out. (Ex: I had children ages 7-14 so it was just a matter of me discussing my plan to write a book and that at certain times they could not bother me unless it was an emergency. If they really wanted my attention but it was not an emergency I asked them to write it down and put it in my basket on top of my desk. Oh my! Sometimes I had to stop suddenly if they were arguing and fighting with each other and that would just make me put it away and com back when things cooled down. You know what it’s like right?smile!
  4. Get started and don’t attach yourself to the outcome! Embrace the detours and bumps and enjoy the process! Everything will not go as planned or it will then when you get to the end something else will happen. Just know that attaching yourself to the outcome is a huge waste of time because you just don’t have control over that part, only Allah does!(Ex: I had to just get started without looking back and despite all my fears! On day 1 and part of day 2 I wrote the objective of my book, who my target audience was going to be, and my outline)
  5. Define the time in which you want to finish what you start. Attach a date to the plans in step 2. Without a date I have to say you are just gonna keep ending up where you started so it’s like you never even started at all or you just keep starting over driving yourself insane! Who wants a headache?(Ex: I planned to have the objective and outline done within 3 days so I plugged in the date 3 days from when I started)
  6. Complete as opposed to finish by sharing your journey, saving your work for future use, and giving back. I know that once you write a book it’s so rewarding to share and help others to do the same!  It’s a product that pays you over and over without any extra effort and gives a solution to your ideal readers! I don’t recommend that you just finish something to say you finished it because the thought of completing any other project will appear as a nightmare to you. You want to enjoy the process so that you don’t choose giving up as an option when starting your next project. Keep the momentum rolling as much as you can. (Ex: Now that I have completed my book and published it I am sharing it and some of what happened in my journey, as planned, with the world through podcasts, social media, workshops etc… I really ended up enjoying the process but I will be real with you…I had to arrive at this mindset by resetting my thoughts about my journey since I was also going through a personal healing journey. I don’t recommend you do the same! When you start any project self care should be #1 on your list of actionable plans since you need you to complete your project or task) Click here to purchase Motivated Muslimah:Permission to Win and start your journey to become the best you!
  7. Celebrate your success! A small reward for yourself(manicure, pedicure, take a walk etc…) I have not figured out this one yet but it is very important!

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Peaceful Success,

Boss Moms Coach, Ukhtee Walida

Finally Finding New Cheese!

Just finished reading “Who moved my Cheese” and realized that some people are Hemmers -not at all realizing that change will eventually have to happen in order to grow or Haws- Though it does feel scary moving through change it will become easier to accept once you begin to realize that your cheese has MOVED and that it is time to find NEW CHEESE despite your fears and EMBRACE the ADVENTURE while picking up little pieces of ASSURITY along the way or Sniffers-You are always on the lookout for OPPORTUNITIES to change or better yet you smell when a change is coming on before it is actually presented to you so you stand READY or Scurries- You don’t waste time moving on to find NEW Cheese because you know that the old cheese is definitely GONE and ITS TIME to MOVE on in full force despite your obstacles and you are willing to learn and discover what is behind those walls that you kept avoiding for so long ,because you feared that you may get lost,hoping to discover New Cheese of all kinds! What I understood in total was that change is inevitable and that even when something is going good and it has lasted for a very long time, it too is subjected to change. on the flip side when something is not going so well and you you don’t seek to move on and change the circumstance for fear of loss or whatever is your fear, you loose hope of it ever changing and stay in the familiar to avoid that fear. Trust in Allah and know that he does not desire difficulty and that He can make the difficult easy! I speak to my own self first because my eyes are the first to see this message before yours and my mouth is closer to my two ears than it is to yours. We must prepare ourselves to move with the cheese(whatever it is marriage, business, health etc..) and walk through our fears to get what we truly desire in this life and in the next. El Hajj Malik Shabazz said not only “By Any Means Necessary” but also “It’s a pity that if opportunity were to present itself we would not even be ready”-#NextLevelStraightTalk# Oh and i was the Haw for a very long time but I had to many Hems around me. If you have not read the story yall might want to check it out.

The journey to get back on track!

Inspired by Hujrah Wahhaj’s article “Back on Track after a low point” featured in ILM online magazine.http://ilmonlinemag.com/ilm/#family

I was my own obstacle,fearing what would happen and ready for all that could go wrong. I knew that being scared was not going to help but it was a state of being in which I felt most comfortable. I wanted so much yet I was not prepared to receive. I made supplication to my Lord many nights. Prostration was my refuge from the pain I had been feeling for so long. I would often stay in prostration and fall asleep, awakening with shivers and wondering if I finished praying the obligatory prayer.

I was told, upon leaving my family’s home, that I would be provided, protected and maintained for. I waited and waited and waited but this day I could wait no longer! Years of broken promises, enough to write a novel or two, was all that I had received. I came from a family of hard working men and women, no slacking. I entered college with a mindset that I was going to be successful. I gave all of this up the day I left home! I guess i was in a world of fantasy,in my own mind. I guess I wanted to be loved, cared for and appreciated. When the opportunity seemed to present itself ,I took it.

This opportunity left me at an all time low not once but several times, even years. I was determined to keep family together and strive for success, however. I was often misunderstood and unappreciated. I would often tell myself that it was meant for me to not be treated according to the rights that The Creator gave me and that I was not worthy, unintelligent, and unattractive. No one was there to tell me different or encourage me to think different. I was lived away from the only family that I knew, at a distance close to 2 hours or more.

I will stop here because my purpose for telling a piece of my own journey is to give you a sense of how I was feeling and why I was feeling this way!
It was the month of September 2010. I knew that something drastic was going to take place but I knew only Allah truly knew what it would be! I felt the need to become who I had left off to be 10 years prior. I had realized that I did not know who I was and how I got where I was. I began to reflect upon the 10 years journey starting from the day I left home up until this day. I wanted freedom from a self imposed mind imprisonment. I wanted change and I was the only one holding back the change that I wanted. I felt like I was not good enough to be the wife I was, the mother I was or the companion I was to anyone! I was feeling so helpless, unwanted, unappreciated, and unloved.

One night I pleaded for my freedom and received a text granting me the freedom I longed for. I felt like I had lost my mind. But what for? This is what I wanted right? Well I sure thought so until the moment came! I decided to continue with plans to move to New Jersey despite a home divided. I had enough money to pay the security deposit for the apartment I had found the week before and $10 to my name. I was going to a place where I had no family or friends. Everyone offered their thoughts, telling me to reconsider moving. I was determined to leave and seek change.

It has been almost two years since the day I moved here in December of 2010 and I have to say that I am very proud of myself for thinking of myself and putting my trust in Allah. I knew that He would provide for me and He has. I am still climbing the ladder to fulfill my goal of coaching women across the globe to connect with their passions and take action to move forward with their lives. I have an undying passion to see us women exceed the expectations that society sets upon us as Muslim women. We are the best of wives, business women, companions, and mothers.

No one said the road to success and happiness would be easy and in fact if it were too easy we would not appreciate all it has to offer. You have to believe in you! Keep a positive mind, positive dialogue with yourself, and stop cheating yourself. You deserve the best conversation/dialogue with yourself because it is what motivates and inspires you to be the best you! We all have to start somewhere so pick your starting point and go for it!

Here are some tips for you:

1. Believe in You! Believe in The Creator and know that He made no mistakes when creating you!
2. Give Yourself a chance

3. Better your best!

4. Feed your mind with Positive thoughts about yourself!

5. Stay clear of being hard on yourself! Success comes in stages!

6. Change negative emotional habits by stating positive things about who you are and would like to accomplish!

You Can Do It!!!

Walida Muhammad-Personal Growth Expert and Entrepreneur Coach for Women

Founder and CEO of Herspire

What are your biggest challenges when attempting to accomplish your goals?


There are two very important questions you should ask yourself when setting goals.

1.What are your biggest challenges when attempting to accomplish your goals? 2.How do you currently handle change and challenges?

Goal setting can help you manage change and develop resiliency. Basically, managing change goes along with how well you handle, what I often say, “Life Cards”.  You know those circumstances that come at you so unexpectedly that you barely have time to figure out a plan of how to handle them? Resiliency means “bouncing back” from difficult and shocking experiences. It involves the the process of adapting well as a result of adversity and stress in your life.

As you move through this goal setting process here are some important factors to keep in mind:

1. Form a network of support. 

First and foremost rely on The Creator because He will never let you down. Seek aid with Him first. Next,Form a support system with family, friends and members of your community.Good relationships are key to building strong resilience. Accepting help and support from others also strengthens resiliency.

2. Avoid seeing crises as “the end of the world”.

You can’t alter stressful events, but you can control how you react to them.

3. Accept change as being an inevitable part of living.

Accepting circumstances that cannot be altered can help you gain a better focus on circumstances that you can alter.

4. Move forward and take action towards your (realistic) goals.

Think!…”What’s one thing I can achieve today that helps me move forward to where I want to be?” Make sure to develop a system of core values and principles to work along with your life’s mission.

5. Take Massive action.

Act rather than avoid or detach from problems.  Wishing they go away won’t do you any good!

Until next time…Think positive, Do Things Positive, and Stay Positive!!!

With Success,

Walida-Founder/CEO of HerSpiring BIZness

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