Add this to your daily diary entries!

happy dance

Let me cut right to the chase on this exciting news! I just found a way to spice up my diary and propel me into proactively achieving my goals!
Now some of you are probably already doing this but it sure is worth the share for those of you who don’t.

Will you allow me to share the secret with you that has changed the lives of so many successful people around the globe?

When you begin writing in your diary start with jotting down your emotional state or the mood you are currently in, the mood you were in for most of the day and what changed your mood, specifically. Now if you were in your current mood all day then elaborate on why you think you stayed in that mood and what would you have liked to have changed about your day if it was a negative mood.

Now, I know you are probably thinking, “Like this is not really all that exciting”. Well the first few days or week that you do this it may not mean much but by the next week it will start to make you wonder. After about a week I want you to start reading your entries and create a chart or just write about your findings. Do this weekly or bi-weekly ex: I have been miserable for over 3 days and it was all because I did not get to workout in the mornings and I was too tired to workout in the evenings when I got home. This helps you to pinpoint exactly where you mood changes and how often it is occuring. If it is positive then you want to keep doing whatever you were doing and if it was negative you want to anazlyze it further and come up with solutions to make a shift in your emotional state.

It’s the natural order of things. When we feel good then we want to do good for ourselves and when we feel bad then we begin to lose hope. Having a positive emotional state gives us the drive we need to reach our goals in every way possible!

Think about an activity that you could do routinely that would provide you with nourishment and satisfaction in your business/professional life!

Here are a few ideas:
Make supplication to God daily asking Him to provide you with the tools and resources you need to drive your business to success. Be specific!
Make a “to do list” a week in advance-checking off items daily and adjusting at the end of each day for at least 5 minutes
Read an inspiring article daily/weekly
Check out best practices for what you are setting out to do in your biz!(read or watch videos about successful people and how they have done what you are trying to do)
Send out a motivational or thank you email to your clients/customers
Check out current trends in your industry for at least an hour
Create a vision page weekly(showing pictures of how you expect things to go throughout the week)
Treat your self to a pedicure/manicure or get your hair done
Meditate for at least 10 minutes daily
Call a close friend and vent
Daydream about your biz for 15 or 20 minutes, and do it BIG!!! I call it “kid visualization” because kids do it all the time except they get into trouble if they do it in class or when their parents need their attention! What have you got to lose?