From Fear to Free!!!!

From Fear to Free!!!!click here to read an interesting article!

“Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the one who has Taqwa (is God-fearing).”
[Al-Hujurat, 49:13]

I truly believe that no human is exempt from fear. How we fear is the only difference between all of us. Freedom from fear can be achieved! It is how you deal with the fear that really can set you free.

I am…

If you believe that you can do better for yourself…then you can! It’s a movement yall! Start with- I am… what comes after these words is up to you!

I am… positive! State it don’t include the verb…It is definitely a challenge when we shortchange ourselves yall!!!!

example:I am willing to change. Eliminate the verb,willing, and you have: I am change-It was hard for me at first but I am getting the hang of it and would like to keep this going for a week to see what we all come up with inshaAllah!

Coming Soon!!! New Jersey’s hottest Spoken Word Artists!!!


Sunday, April 22, 2012.4:00pm.. 61 A 4th Ave East Orange NJ 07107

” Get Lifted Movement Presents “
“Poetic Amplified Voices” Spoken word with some of Jerseys hottest Poets Featuring Sister Fatima Muhammad Abu Khalil aka MH Najla R Muhammad -Jaabber Uninvited and ACE Hosted By Rob Hylton This show will be electrifying insha-allah Tickets 10.00 Soul Food Dinners will be sold

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You have the power to choose!


AS Salaamu Alaykum

You have the power to choose! If you want change, you have already made a difference and a choice! It was a thought now let’s make this thought an action, inshaAllah! The creator has created us all with unique talents and abilities and what we desire to do with them can and will be manifested when we believe in ourselves. Allah hears our duas and He desires ease for us,not difficulty!

Today I am choosing positive mindset, curiosity, adventure, education~Inspired by Tahirah Taalib Din

I can I can I know I can, InshaAllah!!!!~Latifah(Walida) Bint Abdul Latif

Calling all Muslimah Entrepreneurs…..

As Salaamu Alaykum

Her BIZness has just changed it’s blog location! You can now blog with me at I look forward to networking with anyone who shares a passion to inspire, motivate, and educate our Muslim sisters who are /would like to be entrepreneurs. Mompreneurs, Homebusiness’s , Vendors, Nonprofits, Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Motivational speakers….Come one come all! I look forward to building a network of strong sisters who believe that” Losing is not an option”. If you believe that you can …then you can inshaAllah! You are worthy of success so allow yourself to succeed! Thank the Creator for all his favours on you! Unleash your passions and spread some of that energy-don’t be stingy yall a lot of women need and desire what you have, believe it!!! This is a movement!