It’s Time- A Mission to Inspire and Empower Women and Youth Globally

It’s Time is a 3-4 hour deeply inspired seminar designed for women and youth separately. It’s about sharing stories, uplifting one another, realizing the power of resilience, visualizing success and creating a road map to achieving it on your own terms!

Here is what former attendees of this seminar had to say…

“MashaAllah(May God be pleased) You have a beautiful soul:) Keep up the great work!!! I will make dua(prayer) for you! Thank You for having me”!~Safa Smadi

“God bless you Sister Walida! Thank You for sharing your personal story. You are a true inspiration. I loved the workshop and wished we had more time. We will definitely be organizing more programs, in shaa Allah(God Willing)!~Amber Sheikh

“Alhamdulilah(All praise is due to God) I was able to attend! MashaAllah(May God be pleased). I was able to take a lot away from this seminar. I was one of the sisters that you’ve reached and had tearing up because I also experienced what you experienced as a child”!~Jimena Johnson