Sooooo….. Why not become an author?

become an author

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Just a few sister authors that inspire me!


Here are just a few amazing benefits of becoming and author!

  1. You inspire others: People live to hear stories of tragedy to triumph. You unconsciously give them permission to break the cycle of madness in their life and finally begin reclaiming themselves for a better life.
  2. You put Bling on your personal brand: Your book acts as an ad for your personal brand.  It’s the bling for your brand!
  3. Instant credibility almost all of the time: People dig authors and trust them.
  4. Your book is like content marketing on instant: Digital marketers say that content marketing is one of the best ways to attract traffic. Guess what? Your book is the content!
  5. People don’t just throw away books: People keep books! They like to have a book to read or refer to for specific information on hand. Your book now re-markets at no extra cost!
  6. Opportunities for Speaking Engagements: Your book can open up opportunities for you in the form of speaking engagements. You are viewed as the expert so they want to hear from you!
  7. Doing business just becomes easier now: Sending a copy of your book to a perspective client can “break the ice” when you are negotiating business. Make sure to autograph it!
  8. Press & Media Coverage: Comments from experts are what journalists look for when writing about a hot industry topic. You are basically perceived as the expert so they will need you. Authors are automatically perceived as experts!
  9. The One Investment That Pays You Back Over and Over: It does cost time and money to get your book published but it’s the best investment with the best return. Your bank account gets fat and opportunities start flowing like a stream. Sleep Dollars is the name I give it!

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With Love and Peaceful Journeys,

Ukhtee Walida~ “The Boss Moms Coach”

7 Steps to Completing What You Start

mmpermission2win book coverIf you are like I was about 5 years ago and still a a work in progress, you start hundreds of projects and never finish any of them. You become frustrated and just hopeless!  I remember when I said I was going to write 3 books and could hardly start writing one to only find myself 5 years later actually completing it and publishing it! Alhamdulilah(All Praise is Due to Allah) This was such a relief after having picked up the manuscript over a thousand times only to put it down just as many times. Does this sound like you? You don’t have to continue feeling overwhelmed because there are proven ways to help you out of this frustrating cycle. Allow me to share what helped me to transition into starting and finishing whatever project or task I have on my plate. Here are 7 steps to completing what you start.

Hold on because the first thing you should know is that the trick to finishing what you start is actually about how you start as opposed to the fact that you have kids demanding your attention and a ton of mom and wife duties plus everything else in between! I know you are saying “what in the world”? But yes it really is all min how you start.  Now let me proceed with the 7 steps!

  1. Make the decision to actually finish before you even get started! Make a dua(short supplication) to Allah(God) asking Him to keep you guided and on track! (Ex: In 2014 after divorce from my husband of 15 years I finally made the comittment to Just Do It! I asked Allah to keep me on track and to never allow me to give up!)
  2. Create an actionable plan. A plan without action is a plan to fail or better yet just a party in your own head! Don’t waste all that time brainstorming and creating ways to reach your goal just to do nothing. It’s a great dis service to your self and to those whom you could be serving with your finished product!(Ex: I hired a writing coach since this was part of the plan.  She helped me put together a writing plan and gave tremendous support to me in my times of hopelessness. You can find her on Facebook at Subhanah Wahhaj. She is the author of  the phenomenal book “How I Found Myself in Egypt”, the CEO of a self publishing company called “The Write Patch”, and the daughter of Imam, Siraj Wahhaj of Masjid At Taqwa in Brooklyn, New York)
  3. Identify and Avoid distractions. You simply have to know that as a Boss Mom you will face many distractions but the key to avoiding them is to identify what they are , plan how you will manage it, and schedule a specific time when you can work on your task or project. You almost always have to be flexible but make sure that you discuss your schedule with your children if they are old enough to understand so that they can at least accept your turn-downs to their requests temporarily with some ease.  For mommies with little ones I suggest you take 15 minute blocks of time and do as much as you can until the timer runs out. (Ex: I had children ages 7-14 so it was just a matter of me discussing my plan to write a book and that at certain times they could not bother me unless it was an emergency. If they really wanted my attention but it was not an emergency I asked them to write it down and put it in my basket on top of my desk. Oh my! Sometimes I had to stop suddenly if they were arguing and fighting with each other and that would just make me put it away and com back when things cooled down. You know what it’s like right?smile!
  4. Get started and don’t attach yourself to the outcome! Embrace the detours and bumps and enjoy the process! Everything will not go as planned or it will then when you get to the end something else will happen. Just know that attaching yourself to the outcome is a huge waste of time because you just don’t have control over that part, only Allah does!(Ex: I had to just get started without looking back and despite all my fears! On day 1 and part of day 2 I wrote the objective of my book, who my target audience was going to be, and my outline)
  5. Define the time in which you want to finish what you start. Attach a date to the plans in step 2. Without a date I have to say you are just gonna keep ending up where you started so it’s like you never even started at all or you just keep starting over driving yourself insane! Who wants a headache?(Ex: I planned to have the objective and outline done within 3 days so I plugged in the date 3 days from when I started)
  6. Complete as opposed to finish by sharing your journey, saving your work for future use, and giving back. I know that once you write a book it’s so rewarding to share and help others to do the same!  It’s a product that pays you over and over without any extra effort and gives a solution to your ideal readers! I don’t recommend that you just finish something to say you finished it because the thought of completing any other project will appear as a nightmare to you. You want to enjoy the process so that you don’t choose giving up as an option when starting your next project. Keep the momentum rolling as much as you can. (Ex: Now that I have completed my book and published it I am sharing it and some of what happened in my journey, as planned, with the world through podcasts, social media, workshops etc… I really ended up enjoying the process but I will be real with you…I had to arrive at this mindset by resetting my thoughts about my journey since I was also going through a personal healing journey. I don’t recommend you do the same! When you start any project self care should be #1 on your list of actionable plans since you need you to complete your project or task) Click here to purchase Motivated Muslimah:Permission to Win and start your journey to become the best you!
  7. Celebrate your success! A small reward for yourself(manicure, pedicure, take a walk etc…) I have not figured out this one yet but it is very important!

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Peaceful Success,

Boss Moms Coach, Ukhtee Walida

Get Rid of Toxic People!

People who are miserable love company because it allows them to complain about the things they actually can do something about. They just need an ear that will listen to their cries and allow them to choose suffering instead of healing. Some people just want to call upon you because they want to keep a piece of your positivity with them to make them feel normal. They have to say something negative about what you are doing so that they can feel good about themselves. I am not talking about those folks who are struggling with life situations and come to you to seek sincere advice or help because they value the relationship rather I am talking about those who just don’t want to see you succeed at whatever you are seeking to achieve.

Tips to get rid of those who are toxic:
1. Become unavailable to anyone who seems to always complain about what’s not happening in their life when you share the exciting things that have been happening in your life . It’s a TRAP! You are doing more harm to them when you make yourself available for their complaints. You are not giving them the push they really need to make anything happen you are just giving them the easy way out. If you care about them let them know that you are quite busy and that you think they have everything they need to find a solution to whatever it is they are going through and to pray and be patient. If you can stick in there try to help them come up with a plan to fix their situation then go for it! If they seem resistant then back off and let them be. Pray for them. God will send someone else who is more qualified. You and that person are not on the same page so things will start to frustrate you and then you may end up giving up what you truly want because they have drained you. You don’t need all of that negative energy!

2. Tune out the sarcasm – When people make sarcastic comments about your goals and dreams they just don’t believe in you and could care less if you become successful. In fact they would rather you not become successful so they could have something to be RIGHT about for their own misconceptions about becoming successful. When someone says something sarcastic and you find it hard to just shake it off say “Thank You” with a big darn smile and walk away telling them to have a great day! It’s one of those “kill them with kindness” methods that leaves that person looking real foolish when it’s all said and done.

3. Choose who you share your vision with- You are ultimately the only one who can see your vision clearly and will be the only one to see it manifested. Those who don’t believe in you won’t care about it. They will tell you it’s foolish and totally impossible. They will laugh at you and tell you what they think you should be doing. They say things like “IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN, YOU DON’T HAVE WHAT IT TAKES, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK SOMEBODY ELSE IS NOT DOING THE SAME THING, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME, JUST FORGET ABOUT IT, YOU’RE CRAZY ETC…
All of these comments are toxic and come out of the mouth of the toxic person. TUNE THEM OUT TOTALLY!!!

4. Beware of those individuals who want you to “play small” or “dim your light”! These folks just want you to make them feel comfortable in their fears and in their insecurities. Don’t let them do this! Be you! If they cannot handle all of that light you have coming from you then they will have to move on! Why should you compromise who you truly are just to make somebody feel good with not wanting to do the same for themselves? It;s not your fault that they want to stay in stuck mode! You actually are doing them a favor by being you because it just might be enough to give them the permission they need to be their authentic self!

5. Value yourself if you want others to do the same. You teach people how to treat you by how you treat yourself!

Be Pro ACTIVE!!!


Are you a reactive or proactive person? Let me give you a brief background of both. To be reactive it means that you wait for life to happen. When an event occurs then you scurry and run wild like a chicken without a head chicken31 trying to fix whatever has gone wrong in hopes that it will not happen again! Sooner than you think you are back at doing the same thing you hoped not to do and it has become repetitive and frustrating! You don’t bother to plan accordingly you just wait and hope. On the other hand,to be proactive it means that you think about what you can do about situations by studying patterns.Patterns are apparent when you are focused and determined. For example,in the past you may have driven your car until it was empty on gas just thinking you could go just a few more miles.Your car was always running out of gas often and you were always getting stuck on the road and having to call someone for help. You did this quite often and heard others repeatedly say “you need to get it together”. You even thought, “there is nothing I can really do about it”! That was the reactive side of you! 7ebf9b10103c4fc3a36c62771b11f3f2Now to make the switch to being proactive you may realize that there was a pattern involved with how you dealt with the situation and the outcome was always undesirable. Your speech now is “I will figure out a way to keep my car filled with gas by filling my tank on Sundays and put at least $20 in the tank every Thursday so I won’t have to worry about running out of gas”. You even take it a step further by budgeting $60 a week for gas and put the money aside just for that. You have a plan in place and not just one plan but maybe two or three. You anticipate what will occur, to some degree, and plan according to the outcome you desire. Now we know that we do not have total control over any outcome but as a proactive person you seek the one that makes sense and put forth your best effort and put your trust in Allah because He has total control.

You see, being proactive means you take full responsiblity for what happens to you. Simply put, YOU MAKE LIFE HAPPEN FOR YOU! You don’t sit around finding excuses to stay stuck in situations and blame others for what happens or what goes wrong. You know that only you can truly plan and take action to change ypur circumstances. You are not choosing to complain, but willing to TAKE ACTION to make your situation better.

Here are a few questions you may want to take a close look at when shifting from a reactive life to one that is proactive.
How do you view the world around you?
Do you easily become annoyed with situations beyond your control?
Do you believe that you are responsible for what happens to others?
Do you think you are responsible for what happens to you?
Are you willing to give up worrying about things that you have no control over?
What can you do in your life that would bring about change?
When are you willing to start?
Who can you trust to help hold you accountable?
Am I willing to get help when needed?
Am I willing to “keep on keepng on” when I get stuck instead of giving up?


An Ideal Day By Design?



Yes! You read it correctly! Wouldn’t you just love to live your dreams? How about getting what’s in your head on to paper and watching it unfold right before your eyes? This is what an ideal day by design looks like!  Most of us, who’s pet peeve is wrapped around having more productive days, would benefit greatly from drafting an ideal day. We want to know that we are using our time wisely and benefiting instead of letting the hours roll by day in and day out.

Let’s take a crash course in designing your ideal day!

Step 1. Grab a  journal and a pen (set a timer for 15 minutes)

Step 2. Find a quiet place where you can relax and let your mind flow

Step 3. Say a dua(prayer) that will keep you at ease and ask God to grant you ease in the task you are about to do.

Step 4. Begin writing what time of the day you are most enthusiastic, energized, motivated and ready to “give it all you got”

Step 5. Think and write about your habits in regards to your family , career, personal, and spiritual life.

Step 6. Write exactly what your ideal day feels, sounds, and looks like. Be specific ! You want to be ale to notice it when it really does happen!
Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you get started!

What is my ideal day?

How would I like to see my deal day unfold?

What am I wearing?

Where am I?

What am I doing?

Who is there with me?

Do I need help? Who is helping me?

Why do I want to do what I am doing?

How do I feel?

What do I want?

Continue writing without worrying about mistakes in mechanical or grammatical errors! Let your mind flow and embrace this moment. You will be surprised at what your imagination holds! We spend time imagining things often and hardly write or talk about it, Maybe what we hold in our amazing minds can be of help to someone or to ourselves, and we will never really know unless we “get it out of our heads” and on paper. Having it on paper helps us to formalize it and make plans to achieve it.

Draft your ideal day for 15 minutes daily and put it where you have easy access to it. Look at it often and watch the change that begins to take place!



What Does Success Mean To You?

muslim biz

There are so many ways to define success but it seems everyone agrees with the one way, for sure! This one way is acquiring massive WEALTH or simply having extraordinary amounts of MONEY! I am sure that most of us agree with the fact that, without money it is very difficult to even attain the basic necessities needed to live daily. How many times have you noticed that money is getting tighter around the third week of the month and along with that one of your children need new shoes or some clothing? If you are like me you had to figure out a way to buy what your child needed at a cheaper price to make the money stretch for other necessities such as groceries, car insurance, utility bills,toiletries, food, etc… I have to tell you that a large percentage of the United States Population are in the “same boat” as you and I!  Some of us sink while others float and the rest just swim to the other side!

What if I told that I might possibly know of some ways you could become successful with or without money in your hands directly? Would you allow me 2 hours of your time to share some profit making practices that will easily fill your purses and bank accounts? The only required materials are a pen and paper! Yes! You will be amazed at all that I will share with you because most of what I will share will be things you already know but have not found a way to use them as leverage to achieve the success you desire in your biz and in your life, period!

Here are a just 3 ways to get you started and the rest I will share with you at my “People Bring Profits” seminar in New York in January 2014.

*Believe that you can be successful!

* Start investing in your success!(no room for being cheap)

* Believe that your success has nothing to do with “lucking out”, God is in control and you just need to do your part!

My final remarks in reference to defining success is that I hope you will come to know that acquiring a lot of money DOES NOT make you successful but it is more about WHO YOU BECOME as an individual and HOW you SHARE what you know with others.

Look out for details, coming soon, about my “People Bring Profits” seminar in January 2014!

What are your biggest challenges when attempting to accomplish your goals?


There are two very important questions you should ask yourself when setting goals.

1.What are your biggest challenges when attempting to accomplish your goals? 2.How do you currently handle change and challenges?

Goal setting can help you manage change and develop resiliency. Basically, managing change goes along with how well you handle, what I often say, “Life Cards”.  You know those circumstances that come at you so unexpectedly that you barely have time to figure out a plan of how to handle them? Resiliency means “bouncing back” from difficult and shocking experiences. It involves the the process of adapting well as a result of adversity and stress in your life.

As you move through this goal setting process here are some important factors to keep in mind:

1. Form a network of support. 

First and foremost rely on The Creator because He will never let you down. Seek aid with Him first. Next,Form a support system with family, friends and members of your community.Good relationships are key to building strong resilience. Accepting help and support from others also strengthens resiliency.

2. Avoid seeing crises as “the end of the world”.

You can’t alter stressful events, but you can control how you react to them.

3. Accept change as being an inevitable part of living.

Accepting circumstances that cannot be altered can help you gain a better focus on circumstances that you can alter.

4. Move forward and take action towards your (realistic) goals.

Think!…”What’s one thing I can achieve today that helps me move forward to where I want to be?” Make sure to develop a system of core values and principles to work along with your life’s mission.

5. Take Massive action.

Act rather than avoid or detach from problems.  Wishing they go away won’t do you any good!

Until next time…Think positive, Do Things Positive, and Stay Positive!!!

With Success,

Walida-Founder/CEO of HerSpiring BIZness

Stepping Into Your Success-Part 4.Getting Over Your Fears and Taking Massive Action

So here we are, we can definitely feel good about the steps we have taken up until now and i will tell you why! Most often people fail to move forward in reaching their goals because they begin to fear THE OUTCOME! Yes what will be the result and if the result is not what they expected!

I became very interested some time ago in knowing what makes individuals fear THE OUTCOME! I have found that individuals refuse to  take action on reaching their goals because they fear the outcome. Results are unknown and unpredictable.It would take them out of their comfort zones something they are familiar with.  The first point i would like to share is that NO ONE can ever WIN OR LOOSE a race if they don’t run. REALIZE that you don’t have control over anything. The Creator is in control of everything. You make the decision and take the necessary steps but you don’t have 100% guarantee of a desired result. You cannot win at everything ALL THE TIME!!! The winner has to loose at least once and the loser has to win at least once because no one and nothing is 100% perfect. It is what gives us  the opportunity to improve ourselves or processes.

In fact I will share this with you!

In high school I ran track-n-field. I was a sprinter and won many awards and medals in my days. There was one thing that always haunted me though! I feared coming in 2nd or 3rd place so i would always position my self ,a certain way, in the starting blocks thinking somehow, some way, it gave me the advantage of winning first place. It worked every time actually until,one day, I realized something about a team mate of mine who was going to run next to me and the fact that we, almost always, differed by a 1 or 2 seconds at the finish line. I always won but this one time I could almost feel failure coming. What was making me feel this way?The cold air i was feeling from the air conditioning? This was normal and always expected at an indoor track meet. This was  not the reason why! My teammate did not get in her starting blocks till after I positioned myself in mine,something she had never really done before!. I became uncomfortable and realized that there was a strong possibility  of  her winning. It looked as if she had been studying my style! The scary thing was that I was not so sure i was prepared to loose. You guessed it right!!! She won the race! Here is the lesson!! Always be prepared for failure and a little less comfortable with success. Plan for failures and be ready for success.Success can definitely blindfold you of the possibility of failure leaving you unprepared and open for disappointment if things don’t go as planned. Not preparing for failure may cause you to give up instead of realizing that it is an opportunity to learning from. It gives you a chance to evaluate yourself and “tweak your technique”. What I did not tell you was that …I stepped out of the race! Yes! I only did it because I was afraid of loosing!  After the race, it made me look at life in a different way. I knew that if I wanted success at something I needed to expect and prepare for failure. I needed to stay in the race despite my fear of loosing because it may have been an opportunity for me to grow! or sharpen my technique! Taking Massive Action to overcome my fear meant running in the race!!!

Activity*- Think of something you really feel uncomfortable doing. Take massive action and just do it! Write down how you felt about it before and after? Example : Maybe you decline invitations to gatherings because you don’t feel comfortable in crowds and you end up sitting in a corner hoping none would see you never taking the opportunity to network and passing the time by.  Maybe, the next time someone invites you,GO! Only this time you initiate a conversation with at least 2 or 3 people and talk about your business.

Stepping Into Your Success-Part 3.Creating sustaining habits to help you achieve your goals

Are you ready to begin working towards achieving your goals?
Whatever the goal is; eating healthier,losing weight, starting your own business, mending a relationship or developing your spiritual life, it will most likely require consistent daily action to see achievement.
The nature of habits is that they are unconscious and repetitive actions.
It is very necessary, to your success, to develop ways to reach your goals in small steps that you can frequently perform.
For example, on the website an article about Serena and Venus Williams explains how they had a goal to become great tennis players from the time they were 5 years old. “For six hours a day they would play with tatty rackets and dud balls against a wall or on a pot-holed court, while their father shouted instructions from a tennis manual. The pair both began to compete before they were five. “( Do you think they would be great tennis athletes had they not practiced their routine on a consistent basis? They knew this is what it would take to be where they dreamed!
Now, you are probably setting up excuses to why you can’t have a routine but the truth about is that you are only destroying your own success. Be honest with yourself about what you are ale to do and stick to it. Hold yourself accountable as a measure of your progress. Try harder to “give up on giving up” and do whatever you have to to reach your goals. Only you know how bad you want it and only you can determine how hard you are willing to work at getting what you want.
Activity- Try writing down everything you do for 1 full week.Check for blocks of available time. With your goal in mind figure out how much time you need to accomplish it and break it up into small blocks and celebrate each completion by treating yourself to something nice!
We all have 24 hours a day but we differ in how we use our time. Sometime we spend too much time on tasks because we don’t know any other way to complete them. Try developing of ways to do tasks in a shorter time span.You may find that you are able to decrease time spent on some activities to free you up for others.
Stay tuned…Part 4.Taking Massive Action and Preparing for Failure(Looking at failure as feedback and an opportunity to sharpen your skills for the next round)

Stepping Into Your Success-Part 2

Unlocking Your Potential!

Why do most of us see potential in others but almost never see it in ourselves? Potential is such an inexplicable occurrence and we often talk ourselves out of discovering it before even giving it a try.I am going to share, with you, 3 easy steps to step out of your comfort zone and unlock your potential ! Knowing your potential will give you the motivation you need to take massive action towards achieving your goals!.

Step1. Step up to the Challenge!

Challenging yourself will bring about massive results in no time!  You will be surprised at how resourceful you become when forced by necessity! By consistently challenging your abilities, you will experience abundant growth in your potential. Without a challenge, you are losing out on wonderful possibilities for personal growth. When you embrace the fact that you can change,it will free you up to make better choices and reach your ultimate potential. If your  focus is on personal growthr, rather than just being good,  you must take difficulty in stride, and be grateful for the journey as much as the destination. Make a plan of small steps that would lead you to accomplishing your bigger goal. Suppose you wanted to write a novel to be published a year from now.  Well if you could write a novel and have it published in 24 hours I would say you are a genius!  You may want to write 3 x’s day for 15minutes. You may read for inspiration in your writing. You may read about other authors methods to writing a book. Join a writers association. Attend some writing workshops. Anything that will help you move toward your bigger goal.

Step2. -Take Risks!

Challenges involve risks. The biggest and most avoided risk is ,after working so hard, your plans fail. Don’ t avoid it! You must stick yourself out on a limb if you want to see the fruit! “Raise the bar” and reach higher! Make a “just in case” plan for when you realize your initial plan did not work. Don’t give up,give it all you’ve got! You must give it your all because you would be cheating yourself and you could be passing up the opportunity of a lifetime. I read a statistic that 90% of all people give up on projects before completing them. That’s right: only 10% of people actually complete their projects! I’m not at all surprised because I know from experience the difficulty involved in finishing a project. Right now, for example, I’m in the middle phase of completing my E-book. If I really paid attention to my self-talk, I would give up and not complete it. I must be careful not to drive backwards to “self-sabotage” lane at this stage by saying: “I just can’t do this’”, “It’s way  too difficult”, “It’s just not good enough”, “I haven’t got enough time”, and so on. The way past this stage is self encouragement. Positively evaluate your progress  along the way by pointing out how much you have completed so far and how close you are to the finish line: Say  “I only have a few more steps to go now!” Map out a manageable path to completion. Remember, you made the choice to step up to the challenge so you must be ready for the risks.Failing is feedback and gives you the opportunity to sharpen your skills and come back even stronger.Stay focused and plant your feet firm in the direction of your success.

Step 3. Be Persistent-Stay in it to win it!

While in my 3rd year of college pursuing my accounting degree, some years ago, I realized “the art of persistence”. I was intrigued by the men and women who rode the subway every morning,dressed for corporate world”! It gave me a thought that I could get a job making a decent income just like them. I would study how they walked with their briefcases  and “The New York Times in one hand and coffee in the other. I listened to their conversations about profit analysis and forecasting  company sales and anything else that was important. I was determined! One evening, after my Cost Accounting teacher gave the class a project to do in which we had to perform a cost analysis for a fictitious company, it struck me! Here I was in a classroom full of people dressed the way those men and women were on the subway I rode everyday. I realized that it might be worth it to ask them where they worked and what positions they held at work. I asked everyone in the classroom! I came to a girl who was around my age and asked ,”so where do you work and what title do you hold”? She said, with confidence, “I work for UPS in the customer service department. I was determined to know more so I asked her to be specific about her job responsibilities. She explained that she was responsible for inputting pricing bids in the company’s database to generate a price quote for customers.I thought this job sounded pretty easy so I asked her if UPS was hiring. Well I will tell you that was a question that led me to become a paid intern at UPS 1 week later,a raise within two days of being hired from $12/hr to $14/hr, 6 months later promoted to marketing associate, 6 months later promoted to revenue management specialist, a position that was just made after the company decided to automate their entire filing system, and 3 months later promoted to the last and final position as a finance associate working closely with the CFO. I am grateful to The Creator for giving me the opportunity to achieve my goal of working  for a prestigious company making a decent income. I was only 21 years old at that time and made a lot of money. I enjoyed working there. The Creator knows best! Oh by the way, the girl who got me the job became a very close friend of mine and offered me a room in her apartment while going to school and work because she lived in Brooklyn,NY, which was closest to both. I appreciate her hospitality and friendship. We have been friends ever since! My point is that you must be persistent when it comes to accomplishing your goals. If I was not persistent in reaching my goal to work for a prestigious company making a decent income, I might have passed up a wonderful opportunity.

Stay Tuned for… Part 3. Creating and sticking to a new habit that will lead you to achieving your goal(It’s a challenge but you are capable!)