7 Steps to Completing What You Start

mmpermission2win book coverIf you are like I was about 5 years ago and still a a work in progress, you start hundreds of projects and never finish any of them. You become frustrated and just hopeless!  I remember when I said I was going to write 3 books and could hardly start writing one to only find myself 5 years later actually completing it and publishing it! Alhamdulilah(All Praise is Due to Allah) This was such a relief after having picked up the manuscript over a thousand times only to put it down just as many times. Does this sound like you? You don’t have to continue feeling overwhelmed because there are proven ways to help you out of this frustrating cycle. Allow me to share what helped me to transition into starting and finishing whatever project or task I have on my plate. Here are 7 steps to completing what you start.

Hold on because the first thing you should know is that the trick to finishing what you start is actually about how you start as opposed to the fact that you have kids demanding your attention and a ton of mom and wife duties plus everything else in between! I know you are saying “what in the world”? But yes it really is all min how you start.  Now let me proceed with the 7 steps!

  1. Make the decision to actually finish before you even get started! Make a dua(short supplication) to Allah(God) asking Him to keep you guided and on track! (Ex: In 2014 after divorce from my husband of 15 years I finally made the comittment to Just Do It! I asked Allah to keep me on track and to never allow me to give up!)
  2. Create an actionable plan. A plan without action is a plan to fail or better yet just a party in your own head! Don’t waste all that time brainstorming and creating ways to reach your goal just to do nothing. It’s a great dis service to your self and to those whom you could be serving with your finished product!(Ex: I hired a writing coach since this was part of the plan.  She helped me put together a writing plan and gave tremendous support to me in my times of hopelessness. You can find her on Facebook at Subhanah Wahhaj. She is the author of  the phenomenal book “How I Found Myself in Egypt”, the CEO of a self publishing company called “The Write Patch”, and the daughter of Imam, Siraj Wahhaj of Masjid At Taqwa in Brooklyn, New York)
  3. Identify and Avoid distractions. You simply have to know that as a Boss Mom you will face many distractions but the key to avoiding them is to identify what they are , plan how you will manage it, and schedule a specific time when you can work on your task or project. You almost always have to be flexible but make sure that you discuss your schedule with your children if they are old enough to understand so that they can at least accept your turn-downs to their requests temporarily with some ease.  For mommies with little ones I suggest you take 15 minute blocks of time and do as much as you can until the timer runs out. (Ex: I had children ages 7-14 so it was just a matter of me discussing my plan to write a book and that at certain times they could not bother me unless it was an emergency. If they really wanted my attention but it was not an emergency I asked them to write it down and put it in my basket on top of my desk. Oh my! Sometimes I had to stop suddenly if they were arguing and fighting with each other and that would just make me put it away and com back when things cooled down. You know what it’s like right?smile!
  4. Get started and don’t attach yourself to the outcome! Embrace the detours and bumps and enjoy the process! Everything will not go as planned or it will then when you get to the end something else will happen. Just know that attaching yourself to the outcome is a huge waste of time because you just don’t have control over that part, only Allah does!(Ex: I had to just get started without looking back and despite all my fears! On day 1 and part of day 2 I wrote the objective of my book, who my target audience was going to be, and my outline)
  5. Define the time in which you want to finish what you start. Attach a date to the plans in step 2. Without a date I have to say you are just gonna keep ending up where you started so it’s like you never even started at all or you just keep starting over driving yourself insane! Who wants a headache?(Ex: I planned to have the objective and outline done within 3 days so I plugged in the date 3 days from when I started)
  6. Complete as opposed to finish by sharing your journey, saving your work for future use, and giving back. I know that once you write a book it’s so rewarding to share and help others to do the same!  It’s a product that pays you over and over without any extra effort and gives a solution to your ideal readers! I don’t recommend that you just finish something to say you finished it because the thought of completing any other project will appear as a nightmare to you. You want to enjoy the process so that you don’t choose giving up as an option when starting your next project. Keep the momentum rolling as much as you can. (Ex: Now that I have completed my book and published it I am sharing it and some of what happened in my journey, as planned, with the world through podcasts, social media, workshops etc… I really ended up enjoying the process but I will be real with you…I had to arrive at this mindset by resetting my thoughts about my journey since I was also going through a personal healing journey. I don’t recommend you do the same! When you start any project self care should be #1 on your list of actionable plans since you need you to complete your project or task) Click here to purchase Motivated Muslimah:Permission to Win and start your journey to become the best you!
  7. Celebrate your success! A small reward for yourself(manicure, pedicure, take a walk etc…) I have not figured out this one yet but it is very important!

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Peaceful Success,

Boss Moms Coach, Ukhtee Walida

HB’S Sunday Statistics: SHE IS A GO- GETTER!



Do you know how it feels to want to achieve a goal but have to make a choice about what path to take? Most often as adults our decisions are impacted by how much money we have rather than how much knowledge or skills we possess. We also feel like there is only one sure way to get to the top because from children we were shown this approach by our lovely parents. What if there was a way to break free from the ingrained thought that the only way to become financially free is if you go to school, get a job in the corporate America arena, and WAIT month after month and year after year for those lovey PROMOTIONS? So we were told that you must crawl before you walk and success happens in stages. Well both statements are true but at the same time it denotes having a tremendous amount of tolerance for whatever comes your way while keeping your eye on the prize. Some of us make it to the top but some of us have been realizing that with all the education we have gained through Universities and all f the knowledge and skill sets we have gained from employment in the corporate arena WE MIGHT AS WELL GIVE OURSELVES A CHANCE AT STARTING OUR OWN VENTURE!!!

I am writing this post remembering my days as a corporate girl. I was granted the opportunity to enter Corporate America at the age of 19. I was blessed, All Praise is due to Allah, to be promoted 3 times within my 2 year term there. I was eager to learn and implement everything I learned! Several people realized this about me and would put in a word for me to the top executives who would then offer me a promotion. Some of these positions that I attained had some requirements that I had not met yet but I was given the opportunity to “earn and learn” as they say. I pushed through many obstacles and craved success. My point is that  I wanted more and what was presented was not enough. The last position I was promoted to allowed me to really use the skills I had previously learned in other positions and my educational knowledge. I was ecstatic! All expense paid trips to other states to be a part of the company’s vision, lodging at the finest hotels, eating expensive seafood dishes, getting paid company bonuses,  taking my son on all expense paid trips to major theme parks and more! Though I had all of this it truly did not give me the freedom that I craved for. I craved for TIME! Yes!  was seeing my son less and less because of the demands at work and I was a full-time student at University.

There are many other women who are in this time and money ENTRAPMENT and they just want to have freedom. It can be achieved but what I found was that it is best achieved when you are the BOSS! Try to look at it this way; if you only have yourself to report to everyday then who will threaten to  fire you when your child is sick and you need a few days to care for them, when you just want to take a vacation,take a few days to visit family, or just spend quality time with your spouse and children? You don’t have to give notice to anyone when you are self-employed.

Though entrepreneurship offers flexibility and freedom of time and money it can be burdensome because we sometimes get lazy but then we must have a system. I won’t go into that because that is reserved for another article but the point I am making here is that you will have to discipline yourself to GET THE JOB DONE!!! Many women have proved to be multi-taskers but this can sometimes leave us burnt out! We have to put systems in place that will allow us to leverage our time and finances.  Women have been are still doing it more and more these days. Some women hire a coach to help them organize their lives and put systems in place that work best for them! I hired a coach when I started my venture as a Life/Business coach for women and found it to be absolutely necessary! Now, I know that your probably thinking… “why would a coach hire a coach”? Right? Well I will tell you plain and simple….EVEN A COACH NEEDS A COACH! They need someone who is going to keep them on task and make sure they abide by the code of conduct for coaches. It maintains the value of wholeness and integrity of the industry. We all need a system of checks and balances! Success does not happen ALONE!!!

Since this is Sunday and I would normally give statistics, I will leave you with a statistic about minority women(African-American, Native American, Asian, and other women from the Pacific Islands)  “BUSTING OUT OF THE GATES” with non-traditional pathways to success in the form of Entrepreneurship. You read the title of this article! “Who Are Today’s Go-Getters?

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Agency reported that minority women entrepreneurs are starting their own business ventures twice as fast as minority male entrepreneurs- and more than four times the rate of non-minority men and women.


So What is Personal Growth and Development???


The meaning of personal growth and development is quite simple but can sound a bit tricky!

My definition of personal growth and development is learning how to discover your true self and begin living to your maximum potential!

What is a personal growth and development coach?

A personal growth and development coach is that person who works alongside you in your journey to reach your goals. Here are a few things that a personal growth and development coach can do for someone who is looking to begin achieving their goals but need some help.

*They will hold you accountable and help you hold yourself accountable.

*They provide proven ways to help you uncover the real person you are.

*Help with goal setting and action planning.

*They are your cheering squad and push you beyond your limits.

My goal as a personal growth coach is to  help you uncover the motivated, inspired, confident, and successful driven person that you have been sheltering for fear of failing and the fear of standing out and being judged by others.

What do you want out of your life?

What obstacles are in your way?

Do you possess negative inner dialogue or negative emotional habits?

When you learn how to  discover yourself, remove obstacles, develop positive inner dialogue and emotional habits you begin to really understand your true potential. This is when possibilities appear! potential.

It takes great courage to focus on your personal growth and development.


It forces you to take a good look at yourself in all areas of your life and make improvements. You also become more committed to addressing any issues concerning these areas of your life. This journey starts with the idea of making the decision to succeed, “By Any Means Necessary” as said by brother El Hajj Malik Shabazz, choosing to act in spite of your fear of failure, and cleaning out your circle of influence(removing those who don’t believe in your success).
so with all of this…
What inspires you maore than anything else in the world?
Are you willing to do what it takes to develop the confidence you need to reach your goals?
How do you really feel about A.C.T.I.O.N(MY BREAKDOWN OF THIS WORD IS …Acquiring The Confidence To Initiate Opportunity Now)Personal Growth and Development will display the unbelievable power that your thoughts have on what actually happens to you/in your reality. It will give your techniques to help you make an immediate shift in your thoughts but you have to stick to the plan and be obedient to the discipline.

With Peaceful Success,


Herspiring Biz


Daily Affirmations #1

As Salaamu Alaykum! (May Peace Be Upon You)

Bismillah! (In The Name of Allah)

Say, “I am getting closer to my Goal!” This affirmation gives a push to the negative thoughts you may have had for the last couple days and also pulls the positive thoughts to the front of your mind. You want to believe that you are reaching your goals even if things are moving slow. First, remember your focusImage, next, make dua(supplication), then, continue to drive for your success.Image

Progress is not attainable without some sort of struggle.Image Struggle fisibililah(for the sake of Allah). Think of what your product or service can do for people. People want what you have so offer it. Maybe your next door neighbor, family or closest friends are not buying your product or service , but that does not mean that you are doomed. Pick that head up out of the sand and know your worth.Image Deliver with confidence!Image

May Allah bless you with confidence, determination, and success-Ameen!

Latifah(Walida) -Founder of “Her BIZness”

Helping entrepreneurs visualize their success!


Created by Lynn Myers  -www.digitaldreamboard.com

As Salaamu Alaykum,

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful!

As you travel along the road of entrepreneurship you will encounter many obstacles. Having a clear cut picture of what you envision your personal success to be can be of great value to your journey. Many people write down their goals whether they are short-term or long term but most of the time they have trouble visualizing the achievement of these goals.

According to Renee Styler  author of “6 Ways A Dream Board At Work Can Help You Visualize Success”(http://parentables.howstuffworks.com/take-charge/6-ways-dream-board-work-can-help-you-visualize-success.html), creating a dream board could help you visualize the success that you hope to accomplish! Renee says this idea was inspired by Oprah.

I have condensed it to four ways that a dream board could help a new entrepreneur and even a veteran who is struggling with taking their business to the next level:


1. It helps you visualize where you want to go and how you want to get there.

2.It helps you focus on exactly what you don’t want to do to keep you protected from going off course!

3. It helps you focus on the steps that bring you closer to accomplishing your goals.

4. Helps you to see progress.

To help you get started, click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser!



May Allah Grant You Success -Ameen!

Latifah(Walida) -Founder of “Her BIZness”

To Aspiring Entrepreneurs-A letter of encouragement

Many of us share the story of unemployment and feel frightened, yet nonetheless, powerless to make a significant change to acquire the wealth that Allah has in store for us.

It is not enough to just say “Allah will provide”. You have to get up and do something about your current state of finances. You possess talents that many others desire! Take some time to focus on these talents and allow them to be unleashed. Success does not happen overnight. Make your mind up. Do you want to be singing the same song next year around this time or even tomorrow? If you are anything like me you’re veins are bursting with the desire to be doing the things you most love and make money while doing them. You also want more time with your families and more time for yourself.

The society in which we live in is setup to make us dependent on one system. The system of capital and wealth. By the time you finished high school it was drilled in your head that acquiring wealth was the only way to freedom. You know nothing short of going to college to get a degree so that you could go and be a part of a firm helping your employer to achieve and sustain their dreams.

Entrepreneurship should have been a choice on the list of subjects taught to us in high school but then it would lead a bunch of young adults slaveless and independent on a system which is designed to make it almost impossible to totally independent and debt free.

I encourage you to think outside of the box you have been in since kindergarten. When you were given a list of careers to chase in high school did anyone teach you how to start and operate your own law firm or architect business? Probably not. You see the phrase “Knowledge is Power” means a lot in this case. The less they share with you the more you become less apt to be like them or better than them. It is very strange to me how they include home economics and technology as electives in school,when I was in school. What were they so afraid of? Your access to knowledge that would free you from economic slavery. Yes call it what it is!

I encourage all of you entrepreneurs to continue pushing through to achieve your dreams. Don’t give up, because you have what it takes!  Be adventurous, take one last look at the exits, plant your feet firmly and continue to move forward(Derrick Jones,Author of “Presidents,Pilots, and ENTREPRENEURS”)

Some helpful tips to being a successful Home Based Entrepreneur



As Salaamu Alaykum,

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful-

Many of you have the desire to work from home and I am here to tell you that ….You Are Not Crazy and  You Are Not Alone In This! Many women have started businesses from a desk and a computer right in the comfort of their own homes. This is nothing new except now women are doing it more often and reclaiming their positions in their homes as wives and mothers. They enjoy their roles and do not want to compromise them any longer.


Here are some tips to becoming a successful Home Based Entrepreneur without compromising your roles as a wife and a mother.

1. Talk with your spouse and your children about your goals. No one wants to feel left out! The truth is that some men feel intimidated when women seem to be focused and determined to build their own wealth. Assure them that you would be a better person if they supported your desire to become a home based entrepreneur.

2. Know your rights and politely remind your spouse and anyone who seems to verbally express their dislike for your goal to become an entrepreneur. As Muslimah’s, we have the right to own and operate our own businesses and keep the earnings from it. Islam grants women equal rights in regards to earning and possessing independently. Allah says in Surah 4, Ayat 32 “Whatever men earn they have a share of that and whatever women earn, they have a share in that.”

3. Research other businesses similar to the one you would like to start. Yes! There are other sisters out there that share the same entrepreneur goals as you! You are not alone!

4. Allow yourself time to focus on what you want to achieve, daily! Take 5 to 15 minutes daily to remind yourself of your entrepreneur goal and how you plan to achieve it.

5. Be organized! Create a workspace clear of clutter. Make sure you have all supplies on hand in your workspace(notepads, pens,paperclips, folder and other accessories)

6. Stay Positive! Post a positive affirmation, monthly, in your workspace to keep you motivated.

7. Know what you want! There is nothing more frustrating than working towards an unclear goal. Seriously, you cannot and will not achieve any goals if you don’t have direction. Think of driving a car. You can get in the car, start it up , and drive. However,what is the sense if you don’t know where your going? Gas prices are not getting cheaper and I am sure you don’t just have money laying around to fill up the tank to go No Where!

8. Consider hiring a Coach! This is not necessary but it can very beneficial. Coaches help you visualize your goals and set clear plans to achieve them. They are truly a blessing to those who hire them!

9. Know your worth! If you believe you have something valuable to offer others, offer it and offer it to the best of your ability. Don’t compare yourself to others because they may have the same idea but how you deliver your idea is unique.

10. Make plenty of dua! Allah does not desire difficulty for you! Call on Him and ask for what you want! He will begin to guide you on the path to achieve your goals.


If you have been running a home based business from home already or you have the desire to do so, know that there is help out there! Here at “Her BIZness” , our objective is to share the resources and tools necessary to help you achieve your entrepreneur goals.


Don’t give up! Unleash your talents! There are others who desire what you have to offer!





I am…

If you believe that you can do better for yourself…then you can! It’s a movement yall! Start with- I am… what comes after these words is up to you!

I am… positive! State it don’t include the verb…It is definitely a challenge when we shortchange ourselves yall!!!!

example:I am willing to change. Eliminate the verb,willing, and you have: I am change-It was hard for me at first but I am getting the hang of it and would like to keep this going for a week to see what we all come up with inshaAllah!

You have the power to choose!


AS Salaamu Alaykum

You have the power to choose! If you want change, you have already made a difference and a choice! It was a thought now let’s make this thought an action, inshaAllah! The creator has created us all with unique talents and abilities and what we desire to do with them can and will be manifested when we believe in ourselves. Allah hears our duas and He desires ease for us,not difficulty!

Today I am choosing positive mindset, curiosity, adventure, education~Inspired by Tahirah Taalib Din

I can I can I know I can, InshaAllah!!!!~Latifah(Walida) Bint Abdul Latif