The Mission of Herspiring Bizness

“Start Where You Are because you were made especially for your journey”!

My name is Walida Muhammad although many call me Ukhtee Walida. I am the Founder and owner of a company called Herspiring Bizness where my mission is to inspire, share knowledge, motivate, and empower women and youth to realize their own resilience and to make a commitment to finish where they truly want to be. The two youth programs we operate are called FEAR(Fighting Excuses and Rising)for teens and young adults 13-25 and Camp MIRRA(Muslimahs, Inspiring, Respect for Self, Respect for Others, Achieving Success) a Summer camp for girls ages 10-18.

Herspiring Bizness all began in the November of 2011 while sitting at my computer searching for jobs. I came across the idea that i could be working for myself, doing what I love and getting paid for it or continue to be miserable looking day after day for a JOB that was only going to make me even more miserable. I began a Facebook pilot page called-HerBIZness and in the first week 40 people were showing interest,but it did not satisfy me. I paused and took a look at how they responded to posts and realized that I needed to do more to reflect my mission.I did not want them to only show interest I wanted them to feel inspired to make changes to their own lives! This was especially important to me since I had just recently relocated from New York to New Jersey in search of a change to my life. I made supplication to my Lord and began my journey. A few months later I started this blog and I am hoping that it will be a source of inspiration and motivation to women all over the world.

Now the name has changed to Herspiring Bizness to reflect my gift and passion as a life coach and business coach. I am addicted to inspiring and empowering women to start wherever they are in their lives and move forward with confidence to get where they truly want to be! So the name means to inspire her(Her +Inspiring-In=Herspiring):) and the Bizness part of the name is added simply because I believe in empowering women and youth to become their own bosses and a non-conventional way of spelling business! Men are already known and expected to carry the boss tag but when women and youth carry it, it says that there is more to their lives than what is the norm and that they can be contributors to their families and the society as well!
The Herspiring BIZness blog serves as a platform where women come to get inspired, motivated, informed, and empowered. They will find biz tips, health tips, work/life balance articles, upcoming events, self-help articles,links to websites etc…
My vision is to leave a legacy of impacting the lives of women and children globally!


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