Ramadan-A month’s visit from a long lost friend!

Great Morning, As salaamu alaykum, Peace, Love, and Hijab(modesty)!

You alright girl? How are the children? Anything new happening?

I wrote this for you!

A true friend visits to bring joy and peace to your troubles. A true friend visits with gifts. A true friend brings along whatever positive thoughts they could bring to make you mindful. A true friend will remind you of your blessings. A true friend will seek to bring out the best in you.
This and so much more is why many of us Muslims love Ramadan. Ramadan is like that long lost true friend that whenever it comes it takes you on a journey of self reflection, self love, and most if all the love of Allah. Its like all other times were spent on a rough and rocky road but then you are called upon to submit and follow this friend with complete sincerity so much that you hate to see it go because of all the tranquility it brought.
As this month approaches I encourage you, if you are Muslim, to do 5 things and I pray that they will help you make the best of this month.
1. They say it takes about 21 days to break a bad habit well lets take 29 or 30 to make a new one and make a statement about practicing it beyond Ramadan. Let this new habit be from the spiritual side of your life so that it sticks. You want to have a rope to hold when stuff gets tough.( ex. Listening to quran for 7 minutes, reciting from the mushaf (Quran written in Arabic) for 7 minutes, listening to a lecture for 7 minutes etc..
2. Seek to help someone every 7 days. You can call those whom you have not called in months or maybe years. Ask if they need any help or you can just simply text them a dua. Checking in on folks increases your compassionate side.
3. Give charity! It does not matter how small but it matters that you give and it from your heart. It does not always have to be money. Smile a lot! The Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him encouraged us to smile a lot because he said it’s a charity.
4. Pray for your family. If they are Muslim pray that Allah keep them guided and if they are not pray that Allah guides them. You don’t make Muslims Allah does so show kindness to your family even if they are not Muslim.
5. Prepare for death. I don’t want you to just wake up thinking about death with negative energy all day but i encourage you to live your life with meaning , facing your true self, reflecting on how far you have come, plan to leave a legacy, remember Allah much as you go throughout the day, remember that each second, minute, hour, day, week, month , year could be your last and why have you not started to live to your fullest. I also encourage you to read about all that happens after making the transition. How do you want your day to be? What are your requests? What legacy will you leave? Yeah!!! I know this may seem like a downer but if we don’t start talking about it more, in my opinion, hearts keep getting harder and compassion keeps slipping away. I think it brightens the heart and makes people mindful and more compassionate.
Have a blessed Ramadan my Muslimah Boss Moms! To my Non Muslim Boss Moms who have read this article. Thank you for doing so and please feel free to ask me any questions you have. Learning should be open and I am open to answering your questions to help you better understand!

Everyone please feel free to leave me some feedback! Writers need that!

JUST START! See what you are really made of!
Ukhtee Walida-The Boss Moms Coach

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