How You do Anything is Pretty Much How You Will do Everything

Peace, love, and hijab beloveds!

This is my first blog post of the year and I only pray that I can be consistent in bringing you some good and useful content that you can use immediately in your life and business. It is sometimes hard to be authentic because as women we get caught up into wondering if “we are enough”. Yeah Yeah Yeah we here all the time ” “Girl you are doing such an amazing job!”, “How do you do it?”, or “You inspire me!” The truth is that we are enough but what makes us shine through all is in how we do whatever is that we do. If done right, yeah their is a right way, then we are doing and being enough because how we do anything is pretty much how we will do everything! Let me explain further.

I was in my first semester at Berkeley College after leaving college life nearly 18 years prior. I was freaking out! I thought that I would never make it and that I must have been fooling myself. I could not believe I actually stepped foot inside those walls again. I knew that I had a desire to finally get my Bachelors Degree but I felt so uncertain at a time I needed to be feeling certain. SCHOOL IS NO JOKE! I registered for classes online and offline to sort of give me a taste of both to see what I was best at. I never accounted for the obstacles that would come my way and it ended up being the most horrifying but rewarding experience when it was over. I want to say again that how you do anything is pretty much how you will do everything.

As a mother of 7 you kind of get used to the cries of your kids, the routine of cooking, doing household chores, coaching your kids, helping and advising them with life as they develop and just doing things on autopilot. When life comes at you that is never a reason to quit, in fact there is no excuse or reason to ever quit! You do what you gotta do even if that means making some minor or major changes to the way things are normally done just so you can do what you truly desire to do. My lesson the whole semester was just that! “Don’t break under pressure but get firm and do what you gotta do”, is what I constantly told myself. I thought that if I failed any class I would be okay because I gave it my best and the score or grade was not what mattered but my hard effort, honesty, and my unselfish desire to serve others ( home, community, career, or at school) is what mattered the most. I knew that motherhood had some benefits yall and this was one of them for me at least. I know that as a mother all you can do is give it your all, be truthful, and serve.

I had to stop worrying about a time that did not exist, ie; The Future and focus on the time that did ,ie;The Present, and Let go to Learn about the time that was gone ,ie; The Past. I had to take pride in the tasks that I was faced with in the present in order to be grateful about it, however it turned out. I had to realize that sometimes along the journey to be, do, or have what we want in life we have to do some stuff we would rather not do! Taking pride in the smallest or ugliest of tasks that you are presented with will set the stage of how you will perform when anything. You will feel like you are enough because you are and you will begin to realize that striving in excellence us the best way!

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