Are you a Single Mompreneur?


Are you a single mother who has ventured upon entrepreneurship and is just feeling like you don’t hold valuable skills? You have to know that you hold just as many valuable skills as a married woman , if more. Does multitasking, feeding your 6 month old and helping your 5 year old spell this week’s spelling words sound familiar? How about buying groceries to last for two weeks until you get paid again while keeping your car filled with gas? If that is not something familiar then how about trying to get 3 of your children to three different places in less than 15 or 20 minutes. You know how teenagers are! They make plans and want to be chauffered all over town like you are their personal taxi! How about when you have to figure out how much money will be left to pay bills after buying your teenage son shoes because he now wears a size 11 after only a few months? How about attending parent/teachers night at two different schools on the SAME DAY after having tough time getting your infant to rest during nap time and now you are totally exhausted and barely see straight? How do you manage sibling rivalry while you are on an important phone call? And last but not least, how do you manage chores when you have 4 teenagers who would rather be stuck in their room, playing sports, hanging out with their friends, watching televison etc?

Give your self a nice pat on the back after you have thanked God for all that you are able to do and still function daily! My goodness! Why on earth would you short change ourself for what you really are capable of doing? You hold some of the most valuable skills that most people wish they had naturally. Realize that some of the most valuable skills you hold are creativity, multitasking, managing, operating on a budget and problem solving!

Take a few moments to realize what you do and to notice how valuable it is to your business. Start by listing some tasks that you do for your family and jot down next to each task a business activity that it resembles(ie. managing, mareting etc…) Before you know it , the next time you are combing your daughters hair or droppping your kids off to sports practices you might think twice about how valuable these skill are to your business.

HB’s Tips for Tuesday



Running a biz while raising kids can be very overwhelming at times. Here is a tip that may keep your head above water…

Set aside time for yourself- Knowing that you are important and that you need to be token care of too is something that can be quite difficult for many women who are business owners or work outside of the home. Women often take care of everyone and everything else before checking in with themselves. They are afraid that things will fall apart if the are not in control of them! The truth of it all is that if they do not take care of themselves THEY WILL FALL APART and most likely everything and everyone will be alright! Start today by treating yourself to a pedicure and manicure, a nice bag, a pair of shoes, a massage, a nice hot bath infused with essential oils, a cup of your favorite tea, etc…

Monday Motivation

One of the greatest pieces of advice given by the Prophet ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) was: “The most beloved actions to Allah are those performed consistently, even if they are few.” [Sahih Bukhari]

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Be Pro ACTIVE!!!


Are you a reactive or proactive person? Let me give you a brief background of both. To be reactive it means that you wait for life to happen. When an event occurs then you scurry and run wild like a chicken without a head chicken31 trying to fix whatever has gone wrong in hopes that it will not happen again! Sooner than you think you are back at doing the same thing you hoped not to do and it has become repetitive and frustrating! You don’t bother to plan accordingly you just wait and hope. On the other hand,to be proactive it means that you think about what you can do about situations by studying patterns.Patterns are apparent when you are focused and determined. For example,in the past you may have driven your car until it was empty on gas just thinking you could go just a few more miles.Your car was always running out of gas often and you were always getting stuck on the road and having to call someone for help. You did this quite often and heard others repeatedly say “you need to get it together”. You even thought, “there is nothing I can really do about it”! That was the reactive side of you! 7ebf9b10103c4fc3a36c62771b11f3f2Now to make the switch to being proactive you may realize that there was a pattern involved with how you dealt with the situation and the outcome was always undesirable. Your speech now is “I will figure out a way to keep my car filled with gas by filling my tank on Sundays and put at least $20 in the tank every Thursday so I won’t have to worry about running out of gas”. You even take it a step further by budgeting $60 a week for gas and put the money aside just for that. You have a plan in place and not just one plan but maybe two or three. You anticipate what will occur, to some degree, and plan according to the outcome you desire. Now we know that we do not have total control over any outcome but as a proactive person you seek the one that makes sense and put forth your best effort and put your trust in Allah because He has total control.

You see, being proactive means you take full responsiblity for what happens to you. Simply put, YOU MAKE LIFE HAPPEN FOR YOU! You don’t sit around finding excuses to stay stuck in situations and blame others for what happens or what goes wrong. You know that only you can truly plan and take action to change ypur circumstances. You are not choosing to complain, but willing to TAKE ACTION to make your situation better.

Here are a few questions you may want to take a close look at when shifting from a reactive life to one that is proactive.
How do you view the world around you?
Do you easily become annoyed with situations beyond your control?
Do you believe that you are responsible for what happens to others?
Do you think you are responsible for what happens to you?
Are you willing to give up worrying about things that you have no control over?
What can you do in your life that would bring about change?
When are you willing to start?
Who can you trust to help hold you accountable?
Am I willing to get help when needed?
Am I willing to “keep on keepng on” when I get stuck instead of giving up?