Think about an activity that you could do routinely that would provide you with nourishment and satisfaction in your business/professional life!

Here are a few ideas:
Make supplication to God daily asking Him to provide you with the tools and resources you need to drive your business to success. Be specific!
Make a “to do list” a week in advance-checking off items daily and adjusting at the end of each day for at least 5 minutes
Read an inspiring article daily/weekly
Check out best practices for what you are setting out to do in your biz!(read or watch videos about successful people and how they have done what you are trying to do)
Send out a motivational or thank you email to your clients/customers
Check out current trends in your industry for at least an hour
Create a vision page weekly(showing pictures of how you expect things to go throughout the week)
Treat your self to a pedicure/manicure or get your hair done
Meditate for at least 10 minutes daily
Call a close friend and vent
Daydream about your biz for 15 or 20 minutes, and do it BIG!!! I call it “kid visualization” because kids do it all the time except they get into trouble if they do it in class or when their parents need their attention! What have you got to lose?

Read! Read! Read!

Books are key to improving your skills and expanding your knowledge in business and in life!
Many successful people have been found to read ,on average, 5 to 6 books a month and they are truly busy people. How do they find the time? They just do it! They know in order to be successful they must improve self. One of the est ways to improve one’s self is to read. Take about 30 minutes daily to read and you can almost guarantee an improvement in your life/biz!

Need some tips for increasing the level of performance/productivity in your biz?

ImagePut 5S’s on the Chest of Your Biz for Elevated and Improved Productivity/Performance!

Get to know the “5S’s” to immediately transform and sustain processes in your biz. Get everyone in your biz involved and the results are high performance with a Disciplined and a Systematic approach! The 5S approach of kaizen is just that! 

Start improving in your business today using Kaizen to bring enormous benefits to your biz! Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning “continuous improvement“. I don’t know about you but I have found that the more you seek to improve your biz the better off it will be when it seems that stakes are high or the road suddenly appears to have speed bumps! Many successful companies are using this approach! Why not you?

 Grab a pen and paper and allow me to explain further if you are ready to improve your biz performance/productivity !

1. S* Sort– Get rid of all unnecessary that are just not beneficial to the day to day operations of your biz. Most women love organization and  cannot function without it while others just crave it but cannot seem to scratch its surface! Which one are you?  Start by making a list of what is truly needed to run your biz. I am talking about those necessary items that make or break a sale! Just think!… a nail salon would not make any sales if they did not have all of the essential items that are necessary for giving someone a good manicure or pedicure. They must have enough on hand otherwise they will loose business! It is not the paper towels, which they use a lot of, that will determine if they will make profit but it is the  instruments that are used in the actual process of manicuring and pedicuring such as nail clippers, nail filers, cuticle trimmers etc.! This stage is strictly for decluttering!

2. S* Set In Order– Start by categorizing and putting in order the things that are needed to carry out your biz day to day. Invest in storage items such as filing cabinets, totes, 3-bin plastic storage dressers, folders, bulletin boards etc. Invest smart in the beginning and you will be more at ease on those hectic and extremely busy days where getting a break or a nice cold glass of juice or water on a hot Summer day seems  too impossible! Label each storage item, put items in their proper places, and make sure that the items you use more frequently are easily accessible!

3. S* Shine & Scrub– Adopt a regular daily habit of keeping things clean. You may have to do an initial deep clean or “Scrub” before you can truly adapt to a regular habit of  “Shining” or, what I call, “straightening up”!  Take about 5 minutes at the end of each day to make sure things are the way you need them for the next day.  You may begin to take notice to some small things that may be a hinder to how you conduct your biz and will hopefully be able to make small changes instead of huge uncontrollable changes. Staying on top of the mess beats any day of struggling to work around it! Don’t you agree?

4. S* Standardize– If your biz involves employees you want to standardize processes to the point where leaving for a vacation won’t seem like a nightmare upon return! What I mean is that you want to make sure there is a standard process in place and you want to orient all of your employees  on how to specifically operate it. They don’t have to be robots but they do have to follow this process so that there are less errors and higher production/performance. You are in biz to provide solutions to the customer and the culture of your organization should embody this concept if you want your biz to stay around even when the storm hits! 

5. S* Sustain– Maintenance must be your aim after following the first 4 S’s otherwise it was all a waste of valuable time. As biz owners you want to keep things under control as much as you can. Delegating maintenance tasks to a team is one way and if you are a sole proprietor or a “one woman show” then schedule in maintenance on a regular basis to keep things “at bay”! Why sink if you can float? It is all up to you so CHOOSE what works for you. I have found that creating a bulletin board helps because it does give you a quick glance at what needs maintaining for the best level of performance!

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