Stop 3 D’ing Yourself!

When you 3D yourself you set up the arena for self doubt. What you believe about yourself becomes evident in your actions. Unfortunately we have found it quite easy to cheer for others as they climb the ladder to success but lack cheering for ourselves. Doing this often makes it harder for us to fully accept love from others.

So HOW do we 3 D ourselves?

We do this by DEvaluing, DEmeaning, and DIShonouring ourselves. It happens unintentionally and quite often for some of us. We rarely see these acts as ways that we are doubting ourselves because they are a habit. A lot of us are carrying on a legacy of self doubt that was handed down as a part of our upbringing. on the other hand some of us are falsely believing that this is the way to be and if we do otherwise we will become “Big Headed”! Either way it is what it is and unless we accept it and make changes it will block space for us to learn and grow. The price we are paying for possessing these bad habits of 3D’ing ourselves is high and may include:
Low self esteem
Ignorance of self worth
Lack of knowledge for self value
Feeling less than a person

What you get in return for your worthless investment is an unhappy and non-fulfilling life. It can have a negative effect on many if not all areas of your life.

A way to detect the ways you have or are 3D’ing yourself is to ask yourself the following questions…
Do I constantly criticize myself?
Do I allow sins I have committed to take me away from worshiping The Creator? Do I think that I am forever doomed no matter how much I repent/
Am I eating unhealthy foods in an exaggerated manner?
Am I not forgiving myself for mistakes I have made?
Am I identifying myself as a victim, failure, loser, unattractive, or unintelligent?
Am I punishing myself for not being perfect?
Am I allowing others to punish me for not living up to their expectations?
Am I cluttering my space until it sucks all of my energy and robs me of peace/
Am I repeating the same mistakes and not learning from them?
Am I being negligent in my prayers?
Am I holding on to relationships that are stunting my growth and making me unhappy?
Am I holding resentment and not forgiving those who have wronged me?
Am I allowing a tragic past to make me a bitter person?
Am I making excuses to not become the person that I believe The Creator has created me to be?
This list goes on and on but I will stop here and remind you that we must love ourselves so that we can really love The Creator and begin to receive all that He has in store for us in this life and the next.

Now take the words DEvalue, DEmean and DIShonor and remove the capital letters.
What do you have left?
That’s right! You have Value, Meaning and Honor and this is what you want to start doing consistently so that you begin actually living your life instead of existing hoping for a change. You have to be the change that you want to see in your life! Make it happen!

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