Finally Finding New Cheese!

Just finished reading “Who moved my Cheese” and realized that some people are Hemmers -not at all realizing that change will eventually have to happen in order to grow or Haws- Though it does feel scary moving through change it will become easier to accept once you begin to realize that your cheese has MOVED and that it is time to find NEW CHEESE despite your fears and EMBRACE the ADVENTURE while picking up little pieces of ASSURITY along the way or Sniffers-You are always on the lookout for OPPORTUNITIES to change or better yet you smell when a change is coming on before it is actually presented to you so you stand READY or Scurries- You don’t waste time moving on to find NEW Cheese because you know that the old cheese is definitely GONE and ITS TIME to MOVE on in full force despite your obstacles and you are willing to learn and discover what is behind those walls that you kept avoiding for so long ,because you feared that you may get lost,hoping to discover New Cheese of all kinds! What I understood in total was that change is inevitable and that even when something is going good and it has lasted for a very long time, it too is subjected to change. on the flip side when something is not going so well and you you don’t seek to move on and change the circumstance for fear of loss or whatever is your fear, you loose hope of it ever changing and stay in the familiar to avoid that fear. Trust in Allah and know that he does not desire difficulty and that He can make the difficult easy! I speak to my own self first because my eyes are the first to see this message before yours and my mouth is closer to my two ears than it is to yours. We must prepare ourselves to move with the cheese(whatever it is marriage, business, health etc..) and walk through our fears to get what we truly desire in this life and in the next. El Hajj Malik Shabazz said not only “By Any Means Necessary” but also “It’s a pity that if opportunity were to present itself we would not even be ready”-#NextLevelStraightTalk# Oh and i was the Haw for a very long time but I had to many Hems around me. If you have not read the story yall might want to check it out.

My understandin…

My understanding about what it takes to get the things in life you desire is that when the heart and the mind are in sync the limbs have no choice but to submit to action.Is it Law of Attraction often referred to by the Movie “The Secret”? No I’ll repeat… when the mind conceives and the heart believes eventually the limbs achieve! The best way to begin the process in achieving what you desire is to know what you want. The next step is to understand why you want it? The next step is to set the goal to be measurable and attainable, plan your route,understand and practice saying what you are aiming to achieve often. Make dua(supplication) for what you desire and burst into action. The one thing you want to stay clear of is allowing negative inner speech to make you doubt your success. When you pray to Allah don’t disbelieve His power to grant you what you ask, but be patient! The Prophet (may peace and blessings be upon him)said, “Verily your Lord is Generous and Shy. If His servant raises his hands to Him (in supplication) He becomes shy to return them empty.” (Ahmad, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi)

HB’s 7 Day Inner Speech Challenge!

Now for the next 7 days I encourage you to kick it up a notch with more positivity than you did in the last 7 days!!! Who is up for the challenge?
HB’s 7 Day Inner Speech Challenge- Focus on positive thoughts and commit to positive speech for 7 days straight! Repeat Repeat Repeat after every 7 Days until You have mastered it! Mastering it does not mean eliminating it because it can never really be eliminated. To Master it you just have to be skilled at catching your negative inner speeech and immediately changing it!
According to research,most people do not believe in themselves or their abilities, and therefore, they allow their mind to ramble with negative inner speech.
Day 1-Start by paying attention to your thoughts! Oh Allah, please guide me to better thoughts about myself and my abilities and forgive me for not being grateful for what you have created me with-Ameen.
Day2- Say something positive about yourself while smiling in the mirror!
Day 3-Are you ready to begin living a thriving life instead a surviving life? If you are, then say it loud(while in the mirror, if possible)!
Day 4- I am thankful for how my Lord created me and I am going to start taking better care of myself today.
Day 5- I must get closer to my Lord so that when sadness visits me it is only brief because of the trust I have in Him.
Day 6-I only desire that which is good for my mind, body, and soul.
Day 7- Let me only love about myself what Allah would love and change about myself what Allah would be displeased with. I will not live to please people but live to please my Lord, The One Most Worthy of pleasing!

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