What Is Your Passion?




What do you have a burning desire to do, and why? In other words, what is your passion and why do you feel so excited about it?Never mind the “HOW” just focus on the “WHAT” and then the “WHY”. Focusing on the how gives way to procrastination, self doubt, FEAR(fixed expectations about the result),perfection and eventually shut down. It is comparable to becoming paralyzed because you stay stuck in contemplation mode and never reach the stage of A.C.T.I.O.N.(acquired confidence to initiate opportunity now)

Take Action Now- Grab a piece of paper/journal and a pen/pencil! Begin by writing down what you really enjoy doing or have done in the past that makes you super duper excited and you don’t expect anything in return because you just feel good about the whole experience!  Take yourself to that experience or thought, mentally, for about 5 minutes. While you are there think of the people who are there with you, if any, what exactly is going on, what exactly are you doing, describe your feelings, describe the smell, note the location, note the weather, what are you wearing, and whatever else you want to add about the experience. …….ok 5 minutes is up now. Put your pens down and take 3 deep breaths(in through the nose and out the mouth). Ok, now read what you wrote! Is this amazing or what? All of what you wrote was deep down inside of you and probably has been for some time. I did this about two years ago and it not only felt great but it gave me validation of my passion to help women succeed in pursuing their goals. I was always a magnet for stories from women who have gone through some sort of distress in their lives but I never understood why I needed to hear their stories or why I felt so obliged to offer them an ear without judgement and if God willed, a helping hand!

Welcome to your passion! Enjoy the journey through it’s winding hills and beautiful pasture! It can get a little bumpy but it can also be fun, adventurous, and most of all rewarding!

~Walida(“Herspiring Biz)

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