Giving in Ramadan

At a time when most of the worlds Muslims are fasting, in this Holy month of Ramadan, it is also a time to give others in need. Jinnah Ibraheem Hudson is the Founder of Humanitarian Relief INC.” Power To Feed The Hungry.”. She is passionate and commited to feeding the homeless and the needy men, women, and children in her Westend Oakland City Community.

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6 Replies to “Giving in Ramadan”

  1. Absolutely….very inspiring story. Thank you for sharing this one Walidah. I like your blog, do you mind if we began cross blogging. I would love to piggy back off of some of your topics. Keep up the good work here and May Allah reward you for your Taqwah! Ameen


    1. of course this is totally what i am striving for. Herspiring BIZness is a platform designed exactly for this. I look forward to working closely with you!!! May Allah purify our intentions and bring us closer-Ameen!


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