Share A Story!

Do you have a business success story you would like to share to inspire other female entrepreneurs?
Most often women are inspired by other women who share similar stories so it would be nice to share your story . The Creator knows best but I believe stories give individuals validation for their own life struggles and the motivation to change. What do you say?

2 Replies to “Share A Story!”

  1. Back in the eighties, I worked for a large pharmaceutical company. While making a lot of money, I started a side business from home; typing resumes and straight typing. Typing as always been my money maker. At any rate, because I stepped out on faith, so many people started calling me to find out how I started my business! I became a Life Coach from my experiences and coaching skills – I began to coach others on their personal and business issues. It’s my passion and I had no idea that I would take this route. I’ve been in business since 1993 and loving it! Think outside of the box.


  2. Thank You Sr. Yasmeen! This means a lot to me because i sort of started out similar to you and I am finding that when you connect with your passions The Creator opens those doors up! He sends us opportunity when we least expect!


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