Stepping Into Your Success-Part 3.Creating sustaining habits to help you achieve your goals

Are you ready to begin working towards achieving your goals?
Whatever the goal is; eating healthier,losing weight, starting your own business, mending a relationship or developing your spiritual life, it will most likely require consistent daily action to see achievement.
The nature of habits is that they are unconscious and repetitive actions.
It is very necessary, to your success, to develop ways to reach your goals in small steps that you can frequently perform.
For example, on the website an article about Serena and Venus Williams explains how they had a goal to become great tennis players from the time they were 5 years old. “For six hours a day they would play with tatty rackets and dud balls against a wall or on a pot-holed court, while their father shouted instructions from a tennis manual. The pair both began to compete before they were five. “( Do you think they would be great tennis athletes had they not practiced their routine on a consistent basis? They knew this is what it would take to be where they dreamed!
Now, you are probably setting up excuses to why you can’t have a routine but the truth about is that you are only destroying your own success. Be honest with yourself about what you are ale to do and stick to it. Hold yourself accountable as a measure of your progress. Try harder to “give up on giving up” and do whatever you have to to reach your goals. Only you know how bad you want it and only you can determine how hard you are willing to work at getting what you want.
Activity- Try writing down everything you do for 1 full week.Check for blocks of available time. With your goal in mind figure out how much time you need to accomplish it and break it up into small blocks and celebrate each completion by treating yourself to something nice!
We all have 24 hours a day but we differ in how we use our time. Sometime we spend too much time on tasks because we don’t know any other way to complete them. Try developing of ways to do tasks in a shorter time span.You may find that you are able to decrease time spent on some activities to free you up for others.
Stay tuned…Part 4.Taking Massive Action and Preparing for Failure(Looking at failure as feedback and an opportunity to sharpen your skills for the next round)

Published by The Boss Moms Coach

Hi there! I am Ukhtee Walida a Life Coach and Business Strategist for mothers and young girls. I am the CEO and founder of The Boss Moms Coach. I am on a mission to inspire mothers and young girls globally to dig deep into themselves and discover WHAT THEY ARE REALLY MADE OF!!! I believe that we are worthy of success. The Boss Moms Coach seeks to network with women of all races, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. P.S. See you on the other side of change because I no longer live in contemplation! It's not about Balance it's about realizing the power in getting back up over and over and creating harmony in the journey towards your finish line!!!

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