Make the best of your mornings!

As Salaamu Alaykum(May Peace Be upon you) and Good Morning!

I woke up to eat suhoor(meal before fasting in Ramadan) and offered salat(the first of 5 obligatory daily prayers) this morning and felt as if I was missing something. I began to recite Qur’an and noticed that I had not been as productive as I wanted to be so I read more and made more dua(short prayer/supplication) I decided to make this morning a more productive one. I wanted to exercise but this morning I did not. I will plan for that sometime today. It is more beneficial to exercise in the morning versus late afternoon for most because it gives you a burst of energy you need. Since it is Ramadan( Holy Month of fasting for Muslims) I decided that I will exercise more in the evenings.

It was about 6am when I had finished reciting and I immediately made dua(prayer/supplication) for a more productive day. I began to focus on my goals. I checked and sent out important email(25 minutes), I worked on my business plan(marketing analysis seems to be taking me a bit long so i spent an hour on this!), and went to the library to do some research on trends in my business industry(45 min).

Ok what i am getting at is… productivity is best in the mornings and you may be able to reel in some clients while checking your social network accounts and blogs. This time of morning is very quiet and can help you to focus better on your goals and plan for success! It is also a time to meditate and focus on your body because it needs attention as well.

I encourage you to take some time in the mornings , in the early dawn, to reflect on the favours that The Creator has bestowed upon you, thank The Creator for giving you another day, organize your thoughts, listen to your body, and focus on the goals you would like to accomplish.

It is like a “tunnel of clarity” keeping you focused and enlightened!”

You know what they say…”The early bird catches the worm”! The more earlier you begin your day the better chance you have at success is what I stand on!!!

Passion runs in the family yall! This is my dear cousin Aseelah Gates. I was always told how much we were alike when I was a little girl and one day after years apart from my family I met up with her. I was so inpsired by her entrepreneur abilities like selling coffee and braiding hair(she is the queen of braiding). I was like finally, somebody who I can connect with and the best pasrt is.. she is first cousin. Only Allah knows how much alike we really are but it sure is evident that we view life in a very similar way. As she always says…”stay tuned” because I am almost sure there is much to be done between the both of us. I love you fam!!!


There is so much to learn by looking into someones eyes…I do not aspire to be a boss.

I look to INSPIRE those who are looking to FIRE their bosses. Can I just as a question….are we in a time that has shown and proven that there is NO stability in the J.O.B.???

Don’t get me wrong…we need BOSSES…we need jobs…and what is really needed is PEOPLE TO BE TRUE TO THEMSELVES!!! If your a boss…be a boss…if your an employee…be an employee…but if you wake up in the morning and rather jump off a bridge than go punch that clock and the whole time your sitting at a desk day dreaming about your real passion…then why wouldnt you BE THAT?!?!?

And I say “that” because only you know exactly what it is that makes you smile the way I smile when I do what I do…BRAID DESIGN!!!

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Giving in Ramadan

At a time when most of the worlds Muslims are fasting, in this Holy month of Ramadan, it is also a time to give others in need. Jinnah Ibraheem Hudson is the Founder of Humanitarian Relief INC.” Power To Feed The Hungry.”. She is passionate and commited to feeding the homeless and the needy men, women, and children in her Westend Oakland City Community.

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What Did/Will It Take For You To Begin Moving Forward?

As Salaamu Alaykum and Good Morning,

Truly God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves”.(Qur’an Surah Ar-Ra’ad Ayat 11)

When we encounter trials we can choose  to develop either,fear which leads to despair and resentment, or hope which leads us to understanding that our situation is only temporary and that it can only get better!

I have been on a quest to discover how people arrive at deciding to “move forward” in life after experiencing trials. I write this blog with hopes that it resonates with you and you begin to take action and move forward in your life. On the other hand, if you have moved forward I would hope that you share your story to inspire other women to do the same.

Do any of these circumstances apply to you?

1.Loss of a loved one

2. Divorce

3. Unemployed

4. Homeless

5. Terminal illness

6. Tragic accident

7. Abuse

8. Recently fired from a job

9. Inadequate supply of food

10. Incarceration of your spouse

Take a moment to think about something devastating that has happened in your life and how you have reacted to it. What was your attitude/behavior, feeling/emotion toward these events. How long was it before you realized “enough is enough” and change had to happen?  When you got hit with these trials did you loose hope or gain strength?

I encourage you to reach down somewhere deep inside of you and pull up that courage that firmly plants you back on your feet to keep moving forward? You do have a choice. The trial is inevitable but to struggle is a choice.

Consider these Ways to Keep Moving Forward!

Forgiveness of yourself
We all make mistakes in many areas of our life. The consequences can be heavy.Give yourself a peace of mind and forgive yourself so that you can keep moving forward.

Understand the difference between failure and regret

Failure is an event that gives us the opportunity to evaluate and sharpen our skills. Regret is an emotion/feeling of disappointment. Remove yourself from the circumstance you are in by going somewhere quiet. Grab a pen and paper. Think about your circumstance objectively and try to  make better choices that will help you to move forward.

Ask for Help from the One who created you then reach out to your circle of support.
You are not alone. God Alone is sufficient for all your needs. He is The All Knowing and He provides relief for His servants. Also, there are many people who may send to you that would extend their hand and help you in your circumstance. All you have to do is ask. Often times we are afraid to ask because we don’t believe we are worthy to receive the help. When God sends help…take it because you may be blowing an opportunity of relief and change.Allah does not desire difficulty for you!

Believe You are Worthy
Whatever your goal, your dream, or your desire, you are worthy of achieving it.

Know What You Want
Understand what you want. It helps to clarify your vision. The how will appear shortly after and will give you a boost to move forward.

Understand that your circumstance is a test. The Creator only knows the outcome so you have to put trust in Him and ask for His guidance. Trust that the experience is happening for a reason and be open to making adjustments in order to keep moving forward.

Want it More
How badly do you want it? When you get hit hard, walk through the pain; get up and keep moving forward knowing there may be more pain ahead, it is surely a test of your determination  When you bounce back you will become much better at moving forward.

Walida Muhammad -Founder and Ceo of HerBIZness helping women to move forward!

The price we pay for not being honest with who we are, where we want to be, and not having an action plan to accomplish goals is very high! Take immediate action if you want immediate results AND Change your course of action if you want different ,more desired, results.

HerBIZness’ Smart Small Biz Tips

To start your business at time were prices are rising for everything from gas to food, think smart. Here are some tips to an inexpensive start:

1. Market your product or idea to local organizations. For example, if you own a tutoring business you might ask schools and afters school organizations in your area to mention you in their newsletters/flyers/brochures. You could also offer to tutor 2 or 3 students in math for free for a month. The key is GETTING YOUR BUSINESS NAME OUT THERE!!! Print business cards and flyers right from your personal printer. It costs much less!!! Create a blog/website until you have gained the funding to hire a professional,if at all necessary.

2. You may not possess the capital to start out the way you dreamed of but you can still start even with little to no capital.Try it out!! Just jump in the water! Toe dipping will not satisfy your need to know if the water is too cold or just right. The initial cold splash might have your arms filled with goose bumps but you can and will get over it! You have what it takes now take what you have and give it all you’ve got. Prospect to your target market and if they seem interested ,GO FOR IT! Don’t be afraid to ask for your money either. You bring value along with your service or product and as long as it is providing the solution your prospective client is looking for ,to solve their problems, they will pay. Yes, you will have those “price consumers” who try to tell you that they are only looking for the lowest price. They are concerned with what value you put into your product or service or even that you have a large customer base. They are only looking to bargain with you on your price. Don’t give up believe in your product or service worth. You deserve to get paid for what your worth. Oh and as for the “price consumer”, You can cater to them during your promotional days were you lower your rates and offer discounts to increase your customer base, because they will appear again!

3. Only purchase supplies that you absolutely must have in order to carry out your business. Also, try to purchase supplies when you need them.

3. Look for used equipment to keep costs low. Consider shopping at discount stores for desks and chairs. And don’t buy equipment you absolutely have no use for. For example, do you really need a fancy printer that scans high-quality images if your a virtual assistant? Probably not, unless you have some fancy project to do for a customer and they will need to present it to executives.

4.The best advice I can really give, is to pay close attention to the operations of your business. Take notice of your costs and your expenditures and don’t be a spendthrift. Your business has an excellent chance of succeeding when you combine smart/effective money management with great business cards and good marketing.


“See you on the way up the ladder to success but don’t forget to plan for an unexpected flight down so you could go up another level, even higher than the first!” ~unknown


Share A Story!

Do you have a business success story you would like to share to inspire other female entrepreneurs?
Most often women are inspired by other women who share similar stories so it would be nice to share your story . The Creator knows best but I believe stories give individuals validation for their own life struggles and the motivation to change. What do you say?

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