Make the best of your mornings!

As Salaamu Alaykum(May Peace Be upon you) and Good Morning!

I woke up to eat suhoor(meal before fasting in Ramadan) and offered salat(the first of 5 obligatory daily prayers) this morning and felt as if I was missing something. I began to recite Qur’an and noticed that I had not been as productive as I wanted to be so I read more and made more dua(short prayer/supplication) I decided to make this morning a more productive one. I wanted to exercise but this morning I did not. I will plan for that sometime today. It is more beneficial to exercise in the morning versus late afternoon for most because it gives you a burst of energy you need. Since it is Ramadan( Holy Month of fasting for Muslims) I decided that I will exercise more in the evenings.

It was about 6am when I had finished reciting and I immediately made dua(prayer/supplication) for a more productive day. I began to focus on my goals. I checked and sent out important email(25 minutes), I worked on my business plan(marketing analysis seems to be taking me a bit long so i spent an hour on this!), and went to the library to do some research on trends in my business industry(45 min).

Ok what i am getting at is… productivity is best in the mornings and you may be able to reel in some clients while checking your social network accounts and blogs. This time of morning is very quiet and can help you to focus better on your goals and plan for success! It is also a time to meditate and focus on your body because it needs attention as well.

I encourage you to take some time in the mornings , in the early dawn, to reflect on the favours that The Creator has bestowed upon you, thank The Creator for giving you another day, organize your thoughts, listen to your body, and focus on the goals you would like to accomplish.

It is like a “tunnel of clarity” keeping you focused and enlightened!”

You know what they say…”The early bird catches the worm”! The more earlier you begin your day the better chance you have at success is what I stand on!!!

Passion runs in the family yall! This is my dear cousin Aseelah Gates. I was always told how much we were alike when I was a little girl and one day after years apart from my family I met up with her. I was so inpsired by her entrepreneur abilities like selling coffee and braiding hair(she is the queen of braiding). I was like finally, somebody who I can connect with and the best pasrt is.. she is first cousin. Only Allah knows how much alike we really are but it sure is evident that we view life in a very similar way. As she always says…”stay tuned” because I am almost sure there is much to be done between the both of us. I love you fam!!!


There is so much to learn by looking into someones eyes…I do not aspire to be a boss.

I look to INSPIRE those who are looking to FIRE their bosses. Can I just as a question….are we in a time that has shown and proven that there is NO stability in the J.O.B.???

Don’t get me wrong…we need BOSSES…we need jobs…and what is really needed is PEOPLE TO BE TRUE TO THEMSELVES!!! If your a boss…be a boss…if your an employee…be an employee…but if you wake up in the morning and rather jump off a bridge than go punch that clock and the whole time your sitting at a desk day dreaming about your real passion…then why wouldnt you BE THAT?!?!?

And I say “that” because only you know exactly what it is that makes you smile the way I smile when I do what I do…BRAID DESIGN!!!

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Giving in Ramadan

At a time when most of the worlds Muslims are fasting, in this Holy month of Ramadan, it is also a time to give others in need. Jinnah Ibraheem Hudson is the Founder of Humanitarian Relief INC.” Power To Feed The Hungry.”. She is passionate and commited to feeding the homeless and the needy men, women, and children in her Westend Oakland City Community.

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