Daily Affirmations #1

As Salaamu Alaykum! (May Peace Be Upon You)

Bismillah! (In The Name of Allah)

Say, “I am getting closer to my Goal!” This affirmation gives a push to the negative thoughts you may have had for the last couple days and also pulls the positive thoughts to the front of your mind. You want to believe that you are reaching your goals even if things are moving slow. First, remember your focusImage, next, make dua(supplication), then, continue to drive for your success.Image

Progress is not attainable without some sort of struggle.Image Struggle fisibililah(for the sake of Allah). Think of what your product or service can do for people. People want what you have so offer it. Maybe your next door neighbor, family or closest friends are not buying your product or service , but that does not mean that you are doomed. Pick that head up out of the sand and know your worth.Image Deliver with confidence!Image

May Allah bless you with confidence, determination, and success-Ameen!

Latifah(Walida) -Founder of “Her BIZness”

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