Some helpful tips to being a successful Home Based Entrepreneur



As Salaamu Alaykum,

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful-

Many of you have the desire to work from home and I am here to tell you that ….You Are Not Crazy and  You Are Not Alone In This! Many women have started businesses from a desk and a computer right in the comfort of their own homes. This is nothing new except now women are doing it more often and reclaiming their positions in their homes as wives and mothers. They enjoy their roles and do not want to compromise them any longer.


Here are some tips to becoming a successful Home Based Entrepreneur without compromising your roles as a wife and a mother.

1. Talk with your spouse and your children about your goals. No one wants to feel left out! The truth is that some men feel intimidated when women seem to be focused and determined to build their own wealth. Assure them that you would be a better person if they supported your desire to become a home based entrepreneur.

2. Know your rights and politely remind your spouse and anyone who seems to verbally express their dislike for your goal to become an entrepreneur. As Muslimah’s, we have the right to own and operate our own businesses and keep the earnings from it. Islam grants women equal rights in regards to earning and possessing independently. Allah says in Surah 4, Ayat 32 “Whatever men earn they have a share of that and whatever women earn, they have a share in that.”

3. Research other businesses similar to the one you would like to start. Yes! There are other sisters out there that share the same entrepreneur goals as you! You are not alone!

4. Allow yourself time to focus on what you want to achieve, daily! Take 5 to 15 minutes daily to remind yourself of your entrepreneur goal and how you plan to achieve it.

5. Be organized! Create a workspace clear of clutter. Make sure you have all supplies on hand in your workspace(notepads, pens,paperclips, folder and other accessories)

6. Stay Positive! Post a positive affirmation, monthly, in your workspace to keep you motivated.

7. Know what you want! There is nothing more frustrating than working towards an unclear goal. Seriously, you cannot and will not achieve any goals if you don’t have direction. Think of driving a car. You can get in the car, start it up , and drive. However,what is the sense if you don’t know where your going? Gas prices are not getting cheaper and I am sure you don’t just have money laying around to fill up the tank to go No Where!

8. Consider hiring a Coach! This is not necessary but it can very beneficial. Coaches help you visualize your goals and set clear plans to achieve them. They are truly a blessing to those who hire them!

9. Know your worth! If you believe you have something valuable to offer others, offer it and offer it to the best of your ability. Don’t compare yourself to others because they may have the same idea but how you deliver your idea is unique.

10. Make plenty of dua! Allah does not desire difficulty for you! Call on Him and ask for what you want! He will begin to guide you on the path to achieve your goals.


If you have been running a home based business from home already or you have the desire to do so, know that there is help out there! Here at “Her BIZness” , our objective is to share the resources and tools necessary to help you achieve your entrepreneur goals.


Don’t give up! Unleash your talents! There are others who desire what you have to offer!





Published by The Boss Moms Coach

Hi there! I am Ukhtee Walida a Life Coach and Business Strategist for mothers and young girls. I am the CEO and founder of The Boss Moms Coach. I am on a mission to inspire mothers and young girls globally to dig deep into themselves and discover WHAT THEY ARE REALLY MADE OF!!! I believe that we are worthy of success. The Boss Moms Coach seeks to network with women of all races, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. P.S. See you on the other side of change because I no longer live in contemplation! It's not about Balance it's about realizing the power in getting back up over and over and creating harmony in the journey towards your finish line!!!

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