Reaching out to our Youth!!!

ImageJoin Hujrah Wahhaj-Motivational Life Coach and Radio Personality

This morning 8 a.m. Est. “Tamara” a 19 yr old summoned up the courage to tell her story. Plus, youth coordinator, Sharee(20 yr old suicide survivor) gives the youth a message of hope. 6467164478!

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Hi there! I am Ukhtee Walida a Life Coach and Business Strategist for mothers and young girls. I am the CEO and founder of The Boss Moms Coach. I am on a mission to inspire mothers and young girls globally to dig deep into themselves and discover WHAT THEY ARE REALLY MADE OF!!! I believe that we are worthy of success. The Boss Moms Coach seeks to network with women of all races, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. P.S. See you on the other side of change because I no longer live in contemplation! It's not about Balance it's about realizing the power in getting back up over and over and creating harmony in the journey towards your finish line!!!

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  1. sorry the print is so small everybody . I am still new to this blog and have to play around with everything. I am determined!… Call in to 646-716-4478 at 8am This Morning!


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