7 Business Ideas for Aspiring Boss Moms

opportunitiesMore and more moms are taking on the Boss Mom role of raising kids and running a business. Some are still working their 9-5 and others have made a complete transition to being their own Boss. There has been a rise of Boss Moms in the small business space.

If you are an aspiring Boss Mom I know how difficult it can become to actually get started running a business you actually will enjoy and not feel like your wasting your time.

Ideas For The Aspiring Digital Boss Mom- You want a business that is 100% online having the freedom to go to work in your PJ’s or your best outfit , and even commuting from the bedroom to your home office which could literally be 3 feet away! Gurl! I am down with this one! I have been doing this for the last 3 years and it really is such an awesome space to be in!

If this sounds like you then here are 7 biz ideas for you.

  1. Social Media Manager- You can assist small businesses by training them how to use social media to grow their business. It’s a service that you can provide totally online without having to leave your house. Tryst me, companies will pay for this service because they are way too busy to try learning it on their own.
  2. Web Designer- This is where your skill for creativity and technology meetup and give you the opportunity to help companies with website building. The time it takes to build a website is time the company may find value added but not at the expense of their time. They want to be able to continue delivering optimum services and products to their customer so they would be willing to pay for this. So how about it? You can freelance your expertise for cash and never leave your comfy house or you can travel where you want and still be connected with your clients without missing important deadlines.
  3. Virtual Assistant- Work remotely and virtually as assistants for companies by managing their schedules, meetings, calls, etc… Tasks that the company feels unproductive and overwhelmed about doing or has no idea how to do can be transferred a virtual assistant. If you are a really organized person this may be like dream land for you  because you get to practically organize a company’s day to day chaos!
  4. Life Coach- Being a mother is a job we can never quit so we must accept and do what is best. Being a Boss has plenty benefits but can also leave you feeling drained and feeling hopeless. At times you just want to call quits and never turn back but I am here to tell you that all of those feelings that make you want to quit are all very normal and sometimes having someone help you sort out your feelings and create an action plan to keep you moving despite the struggle on your journey. Helping people win in life is such a rewarding position. You get to go through their journey with them and be their cheerleader . When they win you win and more people are served. This is beautiful! Life Coaches help clients with setting goals, getting unstuck, shifting their mindset, holding themselves accountable, creating an action plan to achieve goals, and just simply helping their clients navigate their way to success!
  5. Business Coach- Just like being a life coach can allow you to help people in their journey to fulfill their dreams business coaching can too! Entrepreneurship is a way to financial freedom, more time with family and as a mom I am sure this would be a service that you could appreciate having as well. Business coaches do mush of the same job as a Life Coach along with working closely with a clients plan to start, grow, or upscale a business.  I do both because I find that they go hand in hand if you genuinely want to see people succeed in business then you are going to have to help them win at life because that is the “root that holds the tree”!
  6. Network Marketer- I know you might already have your feet wet in this area but not sure which one is the best one right? Well that was me I spent money in several networking marketing companies but never found the one I liked and I could feel like it was something worth my precious time. Yeah! Like I have so much of that being a mother of 7! smile! I don’t regret my journey with any of them because I have learned some valuable skills and information that I now use in my own business. I say find one that gives you the room to be who you are and sell from a space of serving people! There are several. To name a few; Amway, Young Living, Doterra, 5Linx, ItWorks, Gano Excel, Organo Gold  and many more!
  7.  Blogger- I know you are wondering why I put this in the list if you think blogging is just articles for those interested but the truth is that blogging can be monetized too! It is a great way to inspire many people, especially those in your target audience from one place! Hey that one place could be your living room, your home office, at Starbucks, at Dunkin Donuts, the library or any other place that you go to that gives you the space to be creative and type  your heart away! I started this blog for the purpose of getting people to start using their God-Given talents to make their lives better whether it be in general or in the area of business

So… now that you have a few ideas, my suggestion is that you get started or at least search for more ideas on the internet.

P.S. It took me over 2 hours to type this post because I did not use my time well today. My son did not wake up until about 11 AM this morning. God only knows why I am trying to write a blog post while he is running around! This 2 year old is way  too energetic and I had to stop over a dozen times. I just wanted you to have something to connect with. Mom life is real stuff and I don’t ever want to make it seem like it’s a walk in the park! Gurl you know what I am talking about!


Peace, Love, and Hijab(veiled beauty, protection, character, modesty),

Ukhtee Walida-The Boss Moms Coach, Author, Coach Speaker, Youth Mentor, Educator

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Motivated Muslimah Book Tour

mmpermission2win book coverI am so excited to announce that I will be continuing my book tour with the next stop at Masjid Al Mutakabbir , 462 Main Street in Poughkeepsie , NY on March 17, 2018 from 1pm-4pm! I can’t wait to meet you if you decide to come out! There is a workshop that I do right alongside the book signing so you will be sure to feel empowered when you leave and begin reading your copy of “Motivated Muslimah :Permission to Win”. I published this interactive journal back in July of 2017 and want you to join me in my journey to spreading the message that your life means so much and when you begin to upgrade it to receive all things possible by Allah then you will be successful!

Click on this link to register so you can join me on my next stop in Poughkeepsie, NY!

Busy Boss Moms Get Help!

pexels-photo-532389.jpegIf your anything like me or the thousands of boss moms working from home you might find that waking up before the kids wake up in the morning and getting some of your business tasks completed has really worked out for you. Now there are some of us who cannot seem to get everything done possible so as not to become frustrated when the children start demanding for our attention ans we totally lose it! I want to help you if this is you! You don’t have to do this alone. I know it’s your business and you also want to make sure that you have control over your household but sister girl this is a sure way to get completely burnt out and shutting down on some things you could just get some HELP with. Here a few ways you can begin releasing some of your control and begin loving your life and enjoying the journey to becoming that awesome Boss Mom!

You have to let go of some of the controls by:

  1. Realizing and writing down those things you absolutely drag yourself to do daily.
  2. Ask for HELP! Yes you must ask for help and stop thinking you can do it all. Lose the SUPERWOMAN title! Like 4 real, it has gotten you more stress than you need and you don’t have time for that!
  3. Let others help. Stop saying “I’m good, I got it, I’m okay” because you know deep down that you wish you could get some help. After all, you have a very busy life trying to raise kids , be a good wife, keep the house under control and run your business!

Checkout these 6 ways to a more exciting Boss Moms Life:

  1. Think about who can help you with dinner at night. It may be your kids or your spouse or even your girlfriends daughter that likes to hang out at your house(yeah! I have girls at my house those almost all the time asking me if I need help) Ask for HELP!
  2.  Maybe you could subscribe to a meal-planning service or do what I did so you don’t have to struggle with what you will cook for dinner every night. Here is what I started doing(yes girl! I am a work in progress so I will let you know what works and does not work for me.) Okay i just started writing down the dishes I normally make for my family, then i started checking off for the next 7 days what dishes i actually made making sure not to repeat them any more than once in a week(ex: spinach and chicken over rice on Tuesday and Friday) I really only repeat those dishes that are favorites! You could also try a meal planning service which I have yet to try but I hear they are inexpensive and worth it!
  3.  Send your little one to daycare at set hours and days weekly. This frees up so much time. At first you will, without a doubt, feel guilty, but it’s normal. When you start realizing how much you are actually getting done you will appreciate your decision and love your child even more when you re-unite at pickup time. You will also feel energized and ready to give him/her the attention they need.
  4.  Power nap even if it is just for 30 minutes! You will need to shut down and let your mind and body restore! Give your body it’s rights!
  5. Do something for yourself(pedicure, manicure, facial, hair done etc…) You must take part in self care. You can’t be looking jacked up and feeling jacked up and trying to serve folks! People can see right through that stuff girl! They need you to have an overflowing cup. You can give from whats overflowing and still feel refreshed! You know the saying “If Mama is happy then the house is happy”!  Now that’s how you do it!
  6.  Outsource some of your business tasks. Leverage! Make more impact by doing less! Try hiring a freelancer on fiverr.com, upwork.com

I hope that I have given you something to help you finally feel like you are getting the most done but not doing the most work! If that makes any sense! smile! Girl go get some help!

Peace, love, and hijab

Ukhtee Walida-The Boss Moms Coach

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As a human, you’re programmed to judge a book by its cover. (Whether you judge correctly is another issue). You have to be able to determine who’s a threat to you and who is not at a moments glance. It’s a matter of survival. When you see someone, you take in all the information you can. Clothes have a huge impact on your perception of the person. When you see a woman…

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Sooooo….. Why not become an author?

become an author

jennahameenahhow i foundmnuslijuwsaidah

Just a few sister authors that inspire me!


Here are just a few amazing benefits of becoming and author!

  1. You inspire others: People live to hear stories of tragedy to triumph. You unconsciously give them permission to break the cycle of madness in their life and finally begin reclaiming themselves for a better life.
  2. You put Bling on your personal brand: Your book acts as an ad for your personal brand.  It’s the bling for your brand!
  3. Instant credibility almost all of the time: People dig authors and trust them.
  4. Your book is like content marketing on instant: Digital marketers say that content marketing is one of the best ways to attract traffic. Guess what? Your book is the content!
  5. People don’t just throw away books: People keep books! They like to have a book to read or refer to for specific information on hand. Your book now re-markets at no extra cost!
  6. Opportunities for Speaking Engagements: Your book can open up opportunities for you in the form of speaking engagements. You are viewed as the expert so they want to hear from you!
  7. Doing business just becomes easier now: Sending a copy of your book to a perspective client can “break the ice” when you are negotiating business. Make sure to autograph it!
  8. Press & Media Coverage: Comments from experts are what journalists look for when writing about a hot industry topic. You are basically perceived as the expert so they will need you. Authors are automatically perceived as experts!
  9. The One Investment That Pays You Back Over and Over: It does cost time and money to get your book published but it’s the best investment with the best return. Your bank account gets fat and opportunities start flowing like a stream. Sleep Dollars is the name I give it!

Check out my Podcast series “Muslimah Bossin While Raising The Next Generation” every Saturday at 12 pm to here inspiration, motivation through classes and interviews from other Boss Moms around the globe to help you in your journey to become a successful Boss Mom! Visit www.Soundcloud.com to hear previous episodes. This Month in honor of Domestic Violence awareness I am interviewing sister authors to bring awareness to writing as therapy to heal from the wounds of domestic abuse.

You can also stop by Amazon and order my book “Motivated Muslimah: Permission to Win” to begin reclaiming your energy and motivation as you journey towards becoming the best version of you! You can also go to http://www.createspace.com/7388562 and type “mmp2win” in the password field to order a copy. mmpermission2win book cover

With Love and Peaceful Journeys,

Ukhtee Walida~ “The Boss Moms Coach”

7 Steps to Completing What You Start

mmpermission2win book coverIf you are like I was about 5 years ago and still a a work in progress, you start hundreds of projects and never finish any of them. You become frustrated and just hopeless!  I remember when I said I was going to write 3 books and could hardly start writing one to only find myself 5 years later actually completing it and publishing it! Alhamdulilah(All Praise is Due to Allah) This was such a relief after having picked up the manuscript over a thousand times only to put it down just as many times. Does this sound like you? You don’t have to continue feeling overwhelmed because there are proven ways to help you out of this frustrating cycle. Allow me to share what helped me to transition into starting and finishing whatever project or task I have on my plate. Here are 7 steps to completing what you start.

Hold on because the first thing you should know is that the trick to finishing what you start is actually about how you start as opposed to the fact that you have kids demanding your attention and a ton of mom and wife duties plus everything else in between! I know you are saying “what in the world”? But yes it really is all min how you start.  Now let me proceed with the 7 steps!

  1. Make the decision to actually finish before you even get started! Make a dua(short supplication) to Allah(God) asking Him to keep you guided and on track! (Ex: In 2014 after divorce from my husband of 15 years I finally made the comittment to Just Do It! I asked Allah to keep me on track and to never allow me to give up!)
  2. Create an actionable plan. A plan without action is a plan to fail or better yet just a party in your own head! Don’t waste all that time brainstorming and creating ways to reach your goal just to do nothing. It’s a great dis service to your self and to those whom you could be serving with your finished product!(Ex: I hired a writing coach since this was part of the plan.  She helped me put together a writing plan and gave tremendous support to me in my times of hopelessness. You can find her on Facebook at Subhanah Wahhaj. She is the author of  the phenomenal book “How I Found Myself in Egypt”, the CEO of a self publishing company called “The Write Patch”, and the daughter of Imam, Siraj Wahhaj of Masjid At Taqwa in Brooklyn, New York)
  3. Identify and Avoid distractions. You simply have to know that as a Boss Mom you will face many distractions but the key to avoiding them is to identify what they are , plan how you will manage it, and schedule a specific time when you can work on your task or project. You almost always have to be flexible but make sure that you discuss your schedule with your children if they are old enough to understand so that they can at least accept your turn-downs to their requests temporarily with some ease.  For mommies with little ones I suggest you take 15 minute blocks of time and do as much as you can until the timer runs out. (Ex: I had children ages 7-14 so it was just a matter of me discussing my plan to write a book and that at certain times they could not bother me unless it was an emergency. If they really wanted my attention but it was not an emergency I asked them to write it down and put it in my basket on top of my desk. Oh my! Sometimes I had to stop suddenly if they were arguing and fighting with each other and that would just make me put it away and com back when things cooled down. You know what it’s like right?smile!
  4. Get started and don’t attach yourself to the outcome! Embrace the detours and bumps and enjoy the process! Everything will not go as planned or it will then when you get to the end something else will happen. Just know that attaching yourself to the outcome is a huge waste of time because you just don’t have control over that part, only Allah does!(Ex: I had to just get started without looking back and despite all my fears! On day 1 and part of day 2 I wrote the objective of my book, who my target audience was going to be, and my outline)
  5. Define the time in which you want to finish what you start. Attach a date to the plans in step 2. Without a date I have to say you are just gonna keep ending up where you started so it’s like you never even started at all or you just keep starting over driving yourself insane! Who wants a headache?(Ex: I planned to have the objective and outline done within 3 days so I plugged in the date 3 days from when I started)
  6. Complete as opposed to finish by sharing your journey, saving your work for future use, and giving back. I know that once you write a book it’s so rewarding to share and help others to do the same!  It’s a product that pays you over and over without any extra effort and gives a solution to your ideal readers! I don’t recommend that you just finish something to say you finished it because the thought of completing any other project will appear as a nightmare to you. You want to enjoy the process so that you don’t choose giving up as an option when starting your next project. Keep the momentum rolling as much as you can. (Ex: Now that I have completed my book and published it I am sharing it and some of what happened in my journey, as planned, with the world through podcasts, social media, workshops etc… I really ended up enjoying the process but I will be real with you…I had to arrive at this mindset by resetting my thoughts about my journey since I was also going through a personal healing journey. I don’t recommend you do the same! When you start any project self care should be #1 on your list of actionable plans since you need you to complete your project or task) Click here to purchase Motivated Muslimah:Permission to Win and start your journey to become the best you!
  7. Celebrate your success! A small reward for yourself(manicure, pedicure, take a walk etc…) I have not figured out this one yet but it is very important!

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Peaceful Success,

Boss Moms Coach, Ukhtee Walida