Ramadan-A month’s visit from a long lost friend!

Great Morning, As salaamu alaykum, Peace, Love, and Hijab(modesty)!

You alright girl? How are the children? Anything new happening?

I wrote this for you!

A true friend visits to bring joy and peace to your troubles. A true friend visits with gifts. A true friend brings along whatever positive thoughts they could bring to make you mindful. A true friend will remind you of your blessings. A true friend will seek to bring out the best in you.
This and so much more is why many of us Muslims love Ramadan. Ramadan is like that long lost true friend that whenever it comes it takes you on a journey of self reflection, self love, and most if all the love of Allah. Its like all other times were spent on a rough and rocky road but then you are called upon to submit and follow this friend with complete sincerity so much that you hate to see it go because of all the tranquility it brought.
As this month approaches I encourage you, if you are Muslim, to do 5 things and I pray that they will help you make the best of this month.
1. They say it takes about 21 days to break a bad habit well lets take 29 or 30 to make a new one and make a statement about practicing it beyond Ramadan. Let this new habit be from the spiritual side of your life so that it sticks. You want to have a rope to hold when stuff gets tough.( ex. Listening to quran for 7 minutes, reciting from the mushaf (Quran written in Arabic) for 7 minutes, listening to a lecture for 7 minutes etc..
2. Seek to help someone every 7 days. You can call those whom you have not called in months or maybe years. Ask if they need any help or you can just simply text them a dua. Checking in on folks increases your compassionate side.
3. Give charity! It does not matter how small but it matters that you give and it from your heart. It does not always have to be money. Smile a lot! The Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him encouraged us to smile a lot because he said it’s a charity.
4. Pray for your family. If they are Muslim pray that Allah keep them guided and if they are not pray that Allah guides them. You don’t make Muslims Allah does so show kindness to your family even if they are not Muslim.
5. Prepare for death. I don’t want you to just wake up thinking about death with negative energy all day but i encourage you to live your life with meaning , facing your true self, reflecting on how far you have come, plan to leave a legacy, remember Allah much as you go throughout the day, remember that each second, minute, hour, day, week, month , year could be your last and why have you not started to live to your fullest. I also encourage you to read about all that happens after making the transition. How do you want your day to be? What are your requests? What legacy will you leave? Yeah!!! I know this may seem like a downer but if we don’t start talking about it more, in my opinion, hearts keep getting harder and compassion keeps slipping away. I think it brightens the heart and makes people mindful and more compassionate.
Have a blessed Ramadan my Muslimah Boss Moms! To my Non Muslim Boss Moms who have read this article. Thank you for doing so and please feel free to ask me any questions you have. Learning should be open and I am open to answering your questions to help you better understand!

Everyone please feel free to leave me some feedback! Writers need that!

JUST START! See what you are really made of!
Ukhtee Walida-The Boss Moms Coach

Can You Really Find Your Passion?

Wow! I just realized the title of this post and remember how I felt the day I asked that same question! It was almost like asking can I really find a needle in a haystack? Like this thing must surely be impossible and only happens to some folks because they are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. Girl please! Let me say to you how I found out that whatever crazy thought I had about those who actually found their passion was so far from the truth.

I knew that truly my passion could be found but I was doing things that actually kept me far from finding it or them( trust me when you ignite . passion it’s like touching a beehive only you ain’t running away but instead you are trying to get stung so you can really feel like it’s happening)


Well pretty much thinking and thinking and dreaming and dreaming and then imagining how it would be if I could…

Well that is what I did sitting at my desk for hours. I would even call myself taking action to find this thing called passion, by watching videos on YouTube and Vimeo about what I was so fired up about but none of this actually set off the ” Ah haa” button and it left me drained, exhausted, and still frustrated daily. Girl I was saying yes to any requests from my kids while sitting down with snacks and drinks to keep me awake when I was ” looking for my passion”! Whew! That was some journey.

One fine day in the Spring a few years ago I realized that I needed to really find out what it was that I really enjoyed doing and I needed to feel like I could not help doing it and it would make me lose sleep so I started showing up in places where women, especially mothers, would be and talking to them in general about life or something that they wanted to conversate about. I always found myself in a situation where I was talking the woman out of giving up on herself because she thought she was not good enough and not being daring enough to start a business or write a book because she felt she was not qualified enough and she had too many personal and family problems going on.

I could not sleep when I would get calls from various women of all backgrounds seeking to just have someone listen to them without judgement and offering support when they thought they were crazy for wanting to start a business or feeling like giving up was the only option because they were mentally and emotionally drained. It felt like I was a human magnet! I was afraid of my own self because I too thought that I was not qualified or good enough to help anyone. I was going through a rough marriage and I was almost always without enough money. I know I could have just used the word “Broke”, but I don’t use the word broke in my vocabulary when it comes to my wealth because I feel like I won’t attain wealth if my mind ain’t attracting wealthy thoughts and I am my first influence). I only hope you understand me!( smile)

Let’s get right into how you can start taking some action to find your passion!

1. Clear your mind of what did not happen and what should happen in regards to your age.( girl this steals all the joy out of it and shuts you down …DON’T GO THERE)

2. Get a pen and pad and start writing down the times when you were engaging and/or helping people and you really enjoyed it and everything about it seemed to glitter like gold and cause you too have that gut burning, I can’t help myself, sensation. Meter your excitement in each 1 on a scale of 1-3 ( 3 being over the top excited and emotionally overjoyed, can’t sleep without thinking of it, and can’t wait to do it again)

3. Circle 3 of the highest metered ones and ask yourself 3 questions

A. Was I excited or was it really just that the moment called for excitement

B Would I do this on my own time even if I did not get anything in return or any compensation for it?

C. How soon will I be ready to explore this excitement again?

D. When am I going to do this( date, place, and time)

GO FOR IT! Get up and experience that again or something similar to it! Only this time think about how you can create opportunities that allow you to feel driven and motivated to take action and do the thing you absolutely love, love, love to do! If you can’t that might mean either its something that is too difficult to do given your temporary circumstances or you just don’t have the same drive and motivation as you thought you would have the second or maybe 3rd time around. Choose another thing on your list and repeat the process.

If you would like to hear more about finding your passion and starting/growing a business I have just the right thing for you!

Join me and few other boss moms over at my Bmoms Virtual Business Boot Camp which is going in now until March 28( it’s a 9 week course that meets virtually once a week and engages in a private Facebook group)

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Peace, love, and hijab(modesty)

Ukhtee Walida-The Boss Moms Coach

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How You do Anything is Pretty Much How You Will do Everything

Peace, love, and hijab beloveds!

This is my first blog post of the year and I only pray that I can be consistent in bringing you some good and useful content that you can use immediately in your life and business. It is sometimes hard to be authentic because as women we get caught up into wondering if “we are enough”. Yeah Yeah Yeah we here all the time ” “Girl you are doing such an amazing job!”, “How do you do it?”, or “You inspire me!” The truth is that we are enough but what makes us shine through all is in how we do whatever is that we do. If done right, yeah their is a right way, then we are doing and being enough because how we do anything is pretty much how we will do everything! Let me explain further.

I was in my first semester at Berkeley College after leaving college life nearly 18 years prior. I was freaking out! I thought that I would never make it and that I must have been fooling myself. I could not believe I actually stepped foot inside those walls again. I knew that I had a desire to finally get my Bachelors Degree but I felt so uncertain at a time I needed to be feeling certain. SCHOOL IS NO JOKE! I registered for classes online and offline to sort of give me a taste of both to see what I was best at. I never accounted for the obstacles that would come my way and it ended up being the most horrifying but rewarding experience when it was over. I want to say again that how you do anything is pretty much how you will do everything.

As a mother of 7 you kind of get used to the cries of your kids, the routine of cooking, doing household chores, coaching your kids, helping and advising them with life as they develop and just doing things on autopilot. When life comes at you that is never a reason to quit, in fact there is no excuse or reason to ever quit! You do what you gotta do even if that means making some minor or major changes to the way things are normally done just so you can do what you truly desire to do. My lesson the whole semester was just that! “Don’t break under pressure but get firm and do what you gotta do”, is what I constantly told myself. I thought that if I failed any class I would be okay because I gave it my best and the score or grade was not what mattered but my hard effort, honesty, and my unselfish desire to serve others ( home, community, career, or at school) is what mattered the most. I knew that motherhood had some benefits yall and this was one of them for me at least. I know that as a mother all you can do is give it your all, be truthful, and serve.

I had to stop worrying about a time that did not exist, ie; The Future and focus on the time that did ,ie;The Present, and Let go to Learn about the time that was gone ,ie; The Past. I had to take pride in the tasks that I was faced with in the present in order to be grateful about it, however it turned out. I had to realize that sometimes along the journey to be, do, or have what we want in life we have to do some stuff we would rather not do! Taking pride in the smallest or ugliest of tasks that you are presented with will set the stage of how you will perform when anything. You will feel like you are enough because you are and you will begin to realize that striving in excellence us the best way!

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Get In The Room Ladies!!!

Have you been waiting for a moment to just release all you have been holding on to, a moment where you can be totally vulnerable and receive the support to just let it all go and start with a better mindset so that you can begin to start winning? Maybe you have been going to event after event just looking for THE ONE that will give you the boost if motivation you need to get started on the change that only rested in your mind for several months or maybe even years!

I am inviting you women only, to an event that will be mind shifting, motivating, empowering, and life altering and one that will force you to get into the driver’s seat of your life and make life happen.

On December 28, 2018 I and about 5 other women will be pouring into you and helping you to move past some of your fears so that you can start showing up. This event is the first stop on a tour that is going national so you dont want to miss out, especially if you are in the tri state and or DC , Maryland, Delaware, Philly areas. We will hit all zones in shaa Allah so dont wait till it’s too far from ya!

The name of this event is called “The Girl Hold On Conference” it is all about shifting the gears in your life to start winning! Pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice in most cases! Let’s do this. I can’t wait to meet you!

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Ukhtee Walida

The Boss Moms Coach

A Pretty Cool Summer and Maybe Back to School!

Summer was not really what I envisioned it to be this year but I enjoyed it! I was excited about being able to be a part of the history making play “Not Without My Hijab” by my dear friend Halimah DeOliveira of http://www.beyouinhd.com and I spent time at a lakeside in NJ eating turkey burgers and chicken shishkabobs with my dear friend Maryam and her children.  My cousins were on their way back to Georgia and came by to visit my family and I for a day. We laughed and told stories and shared tips on how to upgrade our mom skills! (insert laughing emoji) I traveled to Philadelphia to another stop on my book tour and poured into a beautiful group of sisters and ended the day with my dear friend Maniah Salaam of My Life My Choice LLC. Just two weeks ago I watched my dear friend Asiya Nasir of http://www.jessicares.org as she presented her graduating class for an Entrepreneur Series Class she taught in East Orange, NJ.  Finally, I drove my 15 year old daughter to a life changing retreat for girls put together by Asiya Nasir of J.E.S.S.I.C.A. Cares. It was amazing and my daughter talked about the fun she had! It’s not easy getting these teenagers to actually do something outside  of their comfort zones especially if it does not allow them access to their phones! smh! Life of a teenager in the Millenium! I love it! I am a little sad because my two youngest daughters went to Tennessee and I miss them terribly. I really hope to see them soon! My little one and I have been hanging out just about everyday and just having spurts of fun at local playgrounds and a water park. If only this little guy knew how exhausted I really was and actually understood it , I may have been able to take some naps in between all these adventures.(insert laughing emoji here)

I wondered how I could actually do all of this and make myself available for my business and it was actually not that bad. I started a facebook live show called BMOMS L.E.A.D. where I interview moms and they share their stories and insight on Life , Entrepreneurship, and Deen. Episode 3 will be aired today, as a matter of fact! I will be interviewing Boss Mom Fawziyyah Muhammad mom of 3, Health Consultant, and Fashion/Jewelry Designer! Tune in at 7pm tonight via my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/UkhteeWalida

I am also putting the finishing touches on my BMOMS Success in Business Camp where I will be facilitating a series of webinars to help moms start and grow a business. There will be a series of 7 live webinars focusing on the basics of starting a business, creating a business plan, creating a marketing plan, branding tips for social media, Juggling motherhood and business, using webinars to grow business, and managing stress. Enrollment begins on September 15th and ends September 30. The camp will officially start on October 1, 2018. There will be an info session outlining what to expect and where questions about the program can be answered on September 30, 2018 at 8:30pm.

To top it all off, I will be actually starting school to finish my degree on September 4. I am really excited but then really undecided. I have not felt that I am not good at what I do nor do I really feel like I need to sit in a classroom for hours to get the education needed to do what I do. It is a struggle in my brain and I have 24 hours to decide if I am going to can the whole idea of going back to school and getting myself in more debt or just go for it. It has been a very tough decision for me because I have not understood why this is even important to me. Weird! Pray for me yall!

Peace, love, and hijab beloveds!

Ukhtee Walida-“The Boss Moms Coach”

My “Never Perfect But Just Right” Summer Plan

img_20180127_144551It’s almost that time of year! You know that time when it’s really nice and on the way to really hot weather and you just feel like EVERYTHING IS TOO MUCH!!! Your kids will begin requesting your attention almost 24 hours of the day, noise will be on level 100 , hubby will be demanding attention because your probably with the kids 95% of the time, cleaning will be more than the normal,  you will be mediating fights between kids, and taking kids to and from camp or other Summer activities.

I know what it’s  like and I wanted to share how I have planned my “Never Perfect But Just Right” Summer as a Boss Mom! Girl get you a glass of cold lemonade, find a quiet spot, and grab yourself a pen and pad so you can jot down what you may want to try.


1.  I will start every morning by saying 3 emotions I feel, 3 things I am grateful for, and 3 ways I will be productive. I am praying this goes well and I will check in with myself every 3 days. I will set this notification in my calendar app “Talk Me Calendar”. Doing this now!

2. I will tell my children I love them at least once a day and tell them how honoured I feel to be their mother. I have 4 teenagers and though we sometimes tell them we love them they don’t believe it because they are going through some life transitions. In their world no body cares! Oh my goodness! I am wondering if I was like this !My little ones don’t really seen to worry to much! This is kinda hard for me because of my experience with abuse as a little girl so I will do my best because it will make me better and my children will feel better. I am just not an affectionate person.

3. I will only work during office hours and be present for myself,  my family and my friends on my OFF hours and days. This is something I was often neglecting because I did not know how to juggle everything and I was trying to do everything!

4. I am taking the W off my chest because being Wonder Woman is not cute to me any more. I will delegate tasks that I absolutely have no skill in by outsourcing to companies like fiverr.com, upwork.com, freelance.com, and other companies in other continents. Tim Ferris, author of “The 4 Hour Work Week”, says you can outsource things as small as text messaging and email correspondence right along with bigger stuff like website updating,  blog posting etc… for just pennies on the dollar with companies or individual freelancers in places like India.

5. I will travel and meet some new people. I will take a mini 2 day vacay somewhere where there is water. I love me some water! I am addicted to running water and just the ocean and any stream of water, even rivers. I am a Native New Yorker who now lives in North Jersey and hear that all of the beaches are in South Jersey so I will take a visit and do some writing by the water. I took my children to Pointe Pleasant beach about 2 Summers ago and we really enjoyed it. I would really like to rent a beach house for a week and just enjoy the calmness.

6. I will work on completing my BMoms Academy so that BOSS MOMS can finally get what they need in starting a business all in one spot with tips, hacks, and resources easily accessible and affordable.

7. I will support my fellow bossmuslimahs in our Facebook family group The Biz Bling Sisters Network by creating and posting content that will help them level up in business. I will also encourage them to post as well.

If you liked any one of my plans please write it down , send yourself a notification to remind you to actually Do it by using an app called “Talk Me Calendar”or any other app that can remind you. I know you want things to change for better and I also know that it takes some sacrificing.

Your days don’t have to be filled with just business because you have bills. You will continue to have bills as long as you are living. What you want to do is learn how to be confident and excited about your vision,  plan out how you will achieve your goals, take action even when it feels uncomfortable , get the support you need, and be as consistent as you can. When you are feeling good, business will be good! Don’t sacrifice your “Me Time”. It’s non-negotiable!

As a mother of 7  I know how chaotic it can get and how often “giving up”sounds like a good option but to be honest “Moms Just Don’t Get To Quit”(😉this is a new book I am almost finished writing) but we do deserve to take breaks and take time out to do the things that we love so that we can come back refreshed and ready to do all that we do.

This is how I planned my “Not So Perfect but Just Right Summer” and I would love to hear how you will plan yours too!

Send some feedback and share this blog post with other Boss Moms you know!

P.S. Take a moment to put in your order for my book “Motivated Muslimah;Permission To Win” at http://www.paypal.me/HBiz/23  ($20+$3 for shipping) so that you can get some great tips on how to get to a space of giving yourself the permission to finally win in your life. It’s a process and I give you some action work chapter by chapter to bring you through the process.

A portion of the proceeds from my book sales for the next 3 months are going towards my trip to The Gambia, Africa this year with my 2 year old son. The other portion of the proceeds will be used in my campaign to motivate 1000 Muslimah teens by providing a;dence they need to stand firm as a Muslimah in hijab despite the challenges they face. It’s a real struggle!

Peace, love, and hijab Boss Moms,

Ukhtee Walida-The Boss Moms Coach

9 Strategies For Building Your Side Hustle While Working 9-5

officeI know you may have been working your buns off at your 9-5 for quite some time now or maybe you are a Job Hopper(you move from job to job in short amounts of time for various reasons). I also know that if you are in the above two categories and anything like me then you are just burning with desire to ignite your own passions and free yourself  from the employee space. You have been tired of ‘punching the clock” and giving your precious time to things that really don’t bring fulfillment to you. You want to change the way things are done around your job but it is not your place nor do you have the authority to do so. Maybe you thought of a better way to serve those clients. Maybe not the clients you see everyday at work but new ones. Those clients that you want to specifically serve from your own vision and mission. You find yourself day dreaming and just dreaming big about what you could do to impact the world and help transform peoples lives. Ok soooooo. what is holding you back?

If you are already in business then you have been already in this space of dreaming big and now you are trying to find ways to give less of your time to your 9-5 and more of it to your own vision. I got it! Don’t lose hope in either sense, instead think of what is important to you and move with a sense of urgency about it. Building your side hustle takes work and you must be working it like there is no tomorrow. Besides, we are not guaranteed time so don’t make excuses about your vision it is time to do whatever it takes to see it come to fruition. There are people waiting on you and it’s not fair to just make them wait and its not fair to you to have all of  what you have to offer and keep living with it on the inside of you. It’s like you live an entire life and never step into your greatness! Leave a legacy because you know that it is rewarded after you make your transition to the next life. People can benefit from your work and it can continue to bring you reward. Okay! Excuse me! Sorry I get in my rants when I am in the space of empowering people so the passion is deep! Did you feel it? smile!

I did a live stream on Instagram yesterday @boss_moms_journey about this topic and received DM’s immediately after. All praise is due to God! I realized that this is what people are really looking for! They really want to know how to pull off this thing of working and building a business at the same time.  It’s sort of like trying to find ways to jump out of a boat in the middle of a lake without splashing the water. Yeah! It really is possible once you get to the shore but how does one do that without a paddle or even a life jacket that they think they don’t have because they are so afraid to just do it? That is the best example that I could come up with at this time! If you can relate, cool! If not, just keep reading ! I still love ya!

Okay so as promised in the title of this post, I am going to share a few strategies to help you build your side hustle while still at your 9-5.

Strategy 1. Trust the process, Know what you want, Know where you want to be, Know what it looks like. Create a vision board of what you really vision for your business in the near future

Strategy 2. Plan the process, Ask God for guidance. Know where you want to be by the end of the year, quarter, month, week, and day. This takes time but hiring a coach can help a great deal.(check out a few that I personally know besides myself, Ameenah Muhammad Diggins, Tahirah Taalib Din, Halimah DeOliveira, Yasmeen Abdur Rahman, Maniah Salaam, Fatima Omar)  You can find myself and these few sisters on Facebook and on Instagram if you are serious about getting a plan in place! Yes! Hire a coach to get that action plan in place. Know that you have to work the plan too! 90 day action plans are like diamonds. They help you shine! They give you quick successes and exposure to your target clients. A coach is not going to push you were you want to just be comfortable and hold you accountable to the goals and actions you have created. You have to find one that you mesh well with and get to work!

Strategy 3. Listen to your gut! Don’t count out those days where you feel that burning desire to make a difference and you can’t keep still! This feeling is real! Start writing down what you feel in a journal each time you get the feeling. You would be amazed at what is in that gut!

Strategy 4. Start paying close attention to your cash flow! You have to do it for real! Sacrifice some of those wants for needs. Save more. Spend less. Invest. Invest. Invest. Make sure that your investing in things that will give you a value added return in your business and in life.

Strategy 5. Don’t forget to pay yourself time and money! Like Yeah! Who wants to be doing all of this amazing work inspiring and transforming people and never have any time or money to enjoy themselves. Think about you and do it consistently! You want to give to others from an overflowing cup not an empty one!

Strategy 6. Farm-Out or Outsource your administrative tasks. You could be at work and have a virtual assistant send out an email or DM to your hot leads without you even touching your phone or laptop.  Try looking for freelancers who will do this for pennies on the dollar at upwork.com or fiverr.com. there are plenty more but I wanted to give you a start. A good book to read for this strategy is “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferris. I can’t put the book down!

Strategy 7. Not able to afford farming out at the moment? No problem. Try a few business apps to help you stay engaged with your target audience and respond to emails. Use  Mail Chimp(create email campaigns for a product or service you are providing), Hootsuite(schedule posting on all social media), Canva(make posts appealing by using graphics and relevant content), later(app by Instagram for scheduling posts), Bookedin, Calendly, Acuity Scheduling(the last 3 are for booking clients) These are only a few but there are more!

Strategy 8. Find an accountability partner or team or even a crazy tribe of people who believe in entrepreneurship. If you are a Muslim woman please feel free to join my tribe on Facebook called “The Biz Bling Sisters Network”. Find your tribe because you are no longer just an employee you are a Boss! Bosses hang with other Bosses and collaborate. Don’t neglect your friends but you don’t want to intimidate them by talking about your dreams and goals and they are content where they are. It could cause a lot of conflict. Love them as who they are girl and save your self the trouble!

Strategy 9. Set Aside Time to work on your side hustle. Commit to a set time and day(s). When I began my side hustle and was still working I had to get articulate about when I would actually put in the work. I was sacrificing lunch breaks and squeezing in time during my commute from New Jersey to Brooklyn, New York and in reverse when clocking out of my 9-5 at the end of the day. So in total I spent about 1 1/2 hours. When I got home I had to sit with my children for homework that I had left with them(i was homeschooling 4 out of 7 of my children at the time), preparing dinner, supervising household cleaning, and giving attention to my 4  year old who is now 9.  I had to quickly check emails and follow-up with participants of my teleseminar all while trying to coach a mother with just as many kids as myself and ready to just kill somebody for deleting a blog post she had been working on for days! Then I had to make sure that all of this was done before or after my prayers without slacking in my prayers. I persevered but after a while it got overwhelming and I totally clocked out of any and everything I was doing. This is not a space you want to be in because it makes you lose credibility with your target audience, trust is gone and it is twice as hard to make a comeback! People just wonder where you were and why they could not connect with you. They get angry and it takes them awhile to warm up to you again. Girl it gets real! 4Real! Bottom Line is that you cannot afford to be getting overwhelmed and crashing , instead you must  sit down somewhere and schedule your days so that you stay committed to meeting and exceeding your goals.

Just so you know…It took me about 4 hours to write this post today because I am a mom and life happens. Sometimes I have to unplug to deal with whatever is going on with my kids, the house, and other things. Being a mom is a job in itself and we just have to be flexible with our time. If we try to work in a rigid space it will cause us to become insane because we have just too much going on in a single day. Don’t let those superwoman moms with S’s on their chest tell you that being a Boss Mom is easy because it is not and you should not feel embarrassed to just be real about your journey. Do you know how many other mothers just need to hear that what they are going through is completely normal? Like get outta here with the perfect S! I think it stands for “Stir Crazy” not “Superwoman”! Hey! smile and go fix yourself something cold or hot to drink. Your preference but I think you deserve it after reading this post today because your “S” stands for “Super Tired” and you need to rest so you can be  “Super Ready” to do whatever it takes to be successful! How about that?

Peace, Love, and Hijab(protection, peace, love, modesty)

Ukhtee Walida-The Boss Moms Coach

7 Business Ideas for Aspiring Boss Moms

opportunitiesMore and more moms are taking on the Boss Mom role of raising kids and running a business. Some are still working their 9-5 and others have made a complete transition to being their own Boss. There has been a rise of Boss Moms in the small business space.

If you are an aspiring Boss Mom I know how difficult it can become to actually get started running a business you actually will enjoy and not feel like your wasting your time.

Ideas For The Aspiring Digital Boss Mom- You want a business that is 100% online having the freedom to go to work in your PJ’s or your best outfit , and even commuting from the bedroom to your home office which could literally be 3 feet away! Gurl! I am down with this one! I have been doing this for the last 3 years and it really is such an awesome space to be in!

If this sounds like you then here are 7 biz ideas for you.

  1. Social Media Manager- You can assist small businesses by training them how to use social media to grow their business. It’s a service that you can provide totally online without having to leave your house. Tryst me, companies will pay for this service because they are way too busy to try learning it on their own.
  2. Web Designer- This is where your skill for creativity and technology meetup and give you the opportunity to help companies with website building. The time it takes to build a website is time the company may find value added but not at the expense of their time. They want to be able to continue delivering optimum services and products to their customer so they would be willing to pay for this. So how about it? You can freelance your expertise for cash and never leave your comfy house or you can travel where you want and still be connected with your clients without missing important deadlines.
  3. Virtual Assistant- Work remotely and virtually as assistants for companies by managing their schedules, meetings, calls, etc… Tasks that the company feels unproductive and overwhelmed about doing or has no idea how to do can be transferred a virtual assistant. If you are a really organized person this may be like dream land for you  because you get to practically organize a company’s day to day chaos!
  4. Life Coach- Being a mother is a job we can never quit so we must accept and do what is best. Being a Boss has plenty benefits but can also leave you feeling drained and feeling hopeless. At times you just want to call quits and never turn back but I am here to tell you that all of those feelings that make you want to quit are all very normal and sometimes having someone help you sort out your feelings and create an action plan to keep you moving despite the struggle on your journey. Helping people win in life is such a rewarding position. You get to go through their journey with them and be their cheerleader . When they win you win and more people are served. This is beautiful! Life Coaches help clients with setting goals, getting unstuck, shifting their mindset, holding themselves accountable, creating an action plan to achieve goals, and just simply helping their clients navigate their way to success!
  5. Business Coach- Just like being a life coach can allow you to help people in their journey to fulfill their dreams business coaching can too! Entrepreneurship is a way to financial freedom, more time with family and as a mom I am sure this would be a service that you could appreciate having as well. Business coaches do mush of the same job as a Life Coach along with working closely with a clients plan to start, grow, or upscale a business.  I do both because I find that they go hand in hand if you genuinely want to see people succeed in business then you are going to have to help them win at life because that is the “root that holds the tree”!
  6. Network Marketer- I know you might already have your feet wet in this area but not sure which one is the best one right? Well that was me I spent money in several networking marketing companies but never found the one I liked and I could feel like it was something worth my precious time. Yeah! Like I have so much of that being a mother of 7! smile! I don’t regret my journey with any of them because I have learned some valuable skills and information that I now use in my own business. I say find one that gives you the room to be who you are and sell from a space of serving people! There are several. To name a few; Amway, Young Living, Doterra, 5Linx, ItWorks, Gano Excel, Organo Gold  and many more!
  7.  Blogger- I know you are wondering why I put this in the list if you think blogging is just articles for those interested but the truth is that blogging can be monetized too! It is a great way to inspire many people, especially those in your target audience from one place! Hey that one place could be your living room, your home office, at Starbucks, at Dunkin Donuts, the library or any other place that you go to that gives you the space to be creative and type  your heart away! I started this blog for the purpose of getting people to start using their God-Given talents to make their lives better whether it be in general or in the area of business

So… now that you have a few ideas, my suggestion is that you get started or at least search for more ideas on the internet.

P.S. It took me over 2 hours to type this post because I did not use my time well today. My son did not wake up until about 11 AM this morning. God only knows why I am trying to write a blog post while he is running around! This 2 year old is way  too energetic and I had to stop over a dozen times. I just wanted you to have something to connect with. Mom life is real stuff and I don’t ever want to make it seem like it’s a walk in the park! Gurl you know what I am talking about!


Peace, Love, and Hijab(veiled beauty, protection, character, modesty),

Ukhtee Walida-The Boss Moms Coach, Author, Coach Speaker, Youth Mentor, Educator

To connect with me and get updates on my journey you can follow me on Instagram @boss_moms_journey




Motivated Muslimah Book Tour

mmpermission2win book coverI am so excited to announce that I will be continuing my book tour with the next stop at Masjid Al Mutakabbir , 462 Main Street in Poughkeepsie , NY on March 17, 2018 from 1pm-4pm! I can’t wait to meet you if you decide to come out! There is a workshop that I do right alongside the book signing so you will be sure to feel empowered when you leave and begin reading your copy of “Motivated Muslimah :Permission to Win”. I published this interactive journal back in July of 2017 and want you to join me in my journey to spreading the message that your life means so much and when you begin to upgrade it to receive all things possible by Allah then you will be successful!

Click on this link to register so you can join me on my next stop in Poughkeepsie, NY!

Busy Boss Moms Get Help!

pexels-photo-532389.jpegIf your anything like me or the thousands of boss moms working from home you might find that waking up before the kids wake up in the morning and getting some of your business tasks completed has really worked out for you. Now there are some of us who cannot seem to get everything done possible so as not to become frustrated when the children start demanding for our attention ans we totally lose it! I want to help you if this is you! You don’t have to do this alone. I know it’s your business and you also want to make sure that you have control over your household but sister girl this is a sure way to get completely burnt out and shutting down on some things you could just get some HELP with. Here a few ways you can begin releasing some of your control and begin loving your life and enjoying the journey to becoming that awesome Boss Mom!

You have to let go of some of the controls by:

  1. Realizing and writing down those things you absolutely drag yourself to do daily.
  2. Ask for HELP! Yes you must ask for help and stop thinking you can do it all. Lose the SUPERWOMAN title! Like 4 real, it has gotten you more stress than you need and you don’t have time for that!
  3. Let others help. Stop saying “I’m good, I got it, I’m okay” because you know deep down that you wish you could get some help. After all, you have a very busy life trying to raise kids , be a good wife, keep the house under control and run your business!

Checkout these 6 ways to a more exciting Boss Moms Life:

  1. Think about who can help you with dinner at night. It may be your kids or your spouse or even your girlfriends daughter that likes to hang out at your house(yeah! I have girls at my house those almost all the time asking me if I need help) Ask for HELP!
  2.  Maybe you could subscribe to a meal-planning service or do what I did so you don’t have to struggle with what you will cook for dinner every night. Here is what I started doing(yes girl! I am a work in progress so I will let you know what works and does not work for me.) Okay i just started writing down the dishes I normally make for my family, then i started checking off for the next 7 days what dishes i actually made making sure not to repeat them any more than once in a week(ex: spinach and chicken over rice on Tuesday and Friday) I really only repeat those dishes that are favorites! You could also try a meal planning service which I have yet to try but I hear they are inexpensive and worth it!
  3.  Send your little one to daycare at set hours and days weekly. This frees up so much time. At first you will, without a doubt, feel guilty, but it’s normal. When you start realizing how much you are actually getting done you will appreciate your decision and love your child even more when you re-unite at pickup time. You will also feel energized and ready to give him/her the attention they need.
  4.  Power nap even if it is just for 30 minutes! You will need to shut down and let your mind and body restore! Give your body it’s rights!
  5. Do something for yourself(pedicure, manicure, facial, hair done etc…) You must take part in self care. You can’t be looking jacked up and feeling jacked up and trying to serve folks! People can see right through that stuff girl! They need you to have an overflowing cup. You can give from whats overflowing and still feel refreshed! You know the saying “If Mama is happy then the house is happy”!  Now that’s how you do it!
  6.  Outsource some of your business tasks. Leverage! Make more impact by doing less! Try hiring a freelancer on fiverr.com, upwork.com

I hope that I have given you something to help you finally feel like you are getting the most done but not doing the most work! If that makes any sense! smile! Girl go get some help!

Peace, love, and hijab

Ukhtee Walida-The Boss Moms Coach

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